Vans Park Series Finals in China

Posted by Rob Meronek on Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ivan Federico with the smith.
Profile: Ivan Federico

Patrick Ryan getting up there!
Profile: Patrick Ryan

Pedro entering another atmosphere.
Profile: Pedro Barros

Roman Pabich with the bs air.
Profile: Roman Pabich

Tristan Rennie with the blunt pop in.
Profile: Tristan Rennie

Brighton Zeuner with the fs air.
Profile: Brighton Zeuner

Kickflip indy from Brighton.
Profile: Brighton Zeuner

Smith from Brighton.
Profile: Brighton Zeuner

Roman putting a little style on it.
Profile: Roman Pabich

Jordyn Barratt with the fs ollie.
Profile: Jordyn Barratt

Yndiara Asp with the foot plant.
Profile: Yndiara Asp

Alex sitting on a 5-0.
Profile: Alex Sorgente

CJ knows how to put the correct amount of style on it.
Profile: CJ Collins

Cory Juneau with the kickflip.
Profile: Cory Juneau

Jagger Eaton with the indy 540.
Profile: Jagger Eaton

Keegan Palmer with the alley oop lien.
Profile: Keegan Palmer

Oskar Rozenberg with the 5-0.
Profile: Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg

Patrick Ryan with the lien air.
Profile: Patrick Ryan

Pedro blasting a 540.
Profile: Pedro Barros

Pedro with the crowd pleaser.
Profile: Pedro Barros

No hat, no problem for Roman.
Profile: Roman Pabich

Tom Schaar with the front blunt.
Profile: Tom Schaar