Tampa Bro: A Session and BBQ in the Dream Driveway

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, March 21, 2014

Every year before Tampa Pro, we invite our friends that are in town to hang out by the river, push through the Dream Driveway, and dig in on Porpe's BBQ. Thanks to everyone that came by. We're looking forward to hanging out for the weekend and watching some great skating with no work to do for a change.

HiDefJoe's got you on the video coverage. He's the latest addition to our crew here at The Boardr.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

Mark's here early with some of his custom glass work. Damn, thanks Mark!

Thanks Chad Cardoza for making the Tampa Bro deck.
Profile: Chad Cardoza

The industry garage talk is heavy here in this circle with Gabe Clement, Mike Sinclair, Jason Rothmeyer, Kyle Berard, and Jaws.
Profile: Mike Sinclair

Chaz Ortiz knows his way around the tranny a bit with a nice looking front rock.
Profile: Chaz Ortiz

Damn, Mark, you got it old guy style like that? We should play a street plant game of SKATE next time.

Watch for Bo on a new show he's got on MTV coming up soon.
Profile: Bo Mitchell

The Editor had to get Bo on the cover. Thanks for repping The Boardr sticker, Bo!
Profile: Bo Mitchell

Nick Matlin on a BSTS. I spy Bernie.
Profile: Nick Matlin

Evan looks like he rolled straight out of that PBR tent.

How many Instagrams were done from Jereme's backside grab over the hip? I had to fight for media space.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Willy Akers was cruising around nursing a knee injury.
Profile: Willy Akers

Nick Matlin's got the appropriate trick on The New Deal Westside deck.
Profile: Nick Matlin

Stefan Janoski has been validated as a legitimate career skateboarder now that The Editor hooked him up with a cover. He was keeping it casual today as you can see.
Profile: Stefan Janoski

Chris Troy is coming out to join the fishing scene in the back yard.
Profile: Chris Troy

I don't think one fish came out of the water. We need some lessons from Johnny Tang.

Justin Strubing and Seamus, supplier of the tall cans of everyone favorite grown up sauce.
Profile: Justin Strubing

Stefan Janoski and Justin Brock are the best looking beards on the river.
Profile: Justin Brock

Dyet and John, crouching tigers.
Profile: Adam Dyet

I don't think Justin ever made this Japan air, but you at least need to see the photo of that tweakage.
Profile: Justin Strubing

A rare sighting of Mike Rogers padless.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Chris Oritz, Willy Akers, and John Montesi, a nice spectrum of personalities in skateboarding.
Profile: Willy Akers

It's starting to look more and more like a real event instead of a casual gathering of friends with the giant PBR can and Red Bull vehicles here.

I'm creepin' on a Steezus Christ selfie here.

If you get here early, you get Porpe's good BBQ. If you get here later, you get his burgers.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Adam Dyet looks like a natural on the river.
Profile: Adam Dyet

Dan Rogers is fishing for proper reporting and data out of his business that always seems to be a bit of a problem for various companies. I wish I could solve the world's data issues, but for now, I have to just focus on The Boardr and our systems.
Profile: Dan Rogers

Paul Schmitt aka The Professor and Mike Rogers.
Profile: Paul Schmitt

Porpe and Shane O'Neill are going over the plans for his private skatepark. I hope we can push around in it soon.
Profile: Shane O'Neill

Jared's inner hippie comes out on the river with the animals.
Profile: Jared Currey

Colin Clark and Strubing on the sunset sauce, the best time of the day to tip one.
Profile: Colin Clark

Scott Koerner from Dakine, Gabe Clement from Matix, and Keith Wilson from Indy might not be into the hip hop I blasted all day from the Red Bull ATV thing back there.

I've got a nice interview lined up with Donny Barley about working in the skateboarding industry after a pro career that will on the site soon.
Profile: Donny Barley

The Dango! Thanks Ryan for hosting another great gathering of friends at your house.
Profile: Ryan Clements

If your son was Skater of the Year, does that make you Father of the Year? If you're ripping like Thomas Taylor here, yes.

Alex Bibiloni was one of a few girls here shredding.
Profile: Alex Bibiloni

Gabe Clement has serious chill cam coverage in this photo set. Vern Laird is here to call you out.
Profile: Vern Laird

Curren Caples was up in the trees.
Profile: Curren Caples

Willy Akers is permanently on the road right now with just his truck as living quarters. That's how to live when you're young and free.
Profile: Willy Akers

Chris Nieratko and Ron Allen are fans of each other and both just met right before I took this photo.
Profile: Chris Nieratko

Tyrone Olson is the proud owner of a new SLR and a stock of filming gear. Watch for him in the streets pointing it at you.
Profile: Tyrone Olson

Kamal, Jake Donnelly, and Peter Ramondetta practicing for holding it down behind the skate park all weekend.
Profile: Jake Donnelly

The party ends at sundown, ya'll. The Dango, Pat, and Bobby are still welcome to lurk it as long as they want.
Profile: Pat Stiener

I'm ending it with a prototype foot fetish with Bobby from adidas. Most people keep their shoes on for a foot fetish. Thanks again everyone for stopping by. See you all weekend long.

Manny and Felix with Sloane who just turned a year old. Photo by: James Luedde.
Profile: Manny Santiago

Barak from etnies. Photo by: James Luedde.
Profile: Barak Wiser

Cullen trucks in the Red Bull and DJ vehicle. Photo by: James Luedde.

Scott Bently and Asher on lessons. Photo by: James Luedde.
Profile: Scott Bentley

Porpe and HiDefJoe. Photo by: James Luedde.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Instalines all day. Photo by: James Luedde.
Profile: Alex Peavey

I got my son Alvis strapped to the chest. Dad duty combined with photo duty. Photo by: James Luedde.
Profile: Rob Meronek