#BoardrBoys Episode 9: 4th Annual Tampa Bro Presented by Bro Style at the Dream Driveway

Posted by Chaz Miley on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Every year at this private event, we have industry friends over for a session in the Dream Driveway before things kick off with Tampa's big weekend of Tampa Pro. Thanks to everyone that stopped by.

Dylan Perry was the first one out ripping around the Dream Driveway for Tampa Bro.
Profile: Dylan Perry

Felix was out pushing around early in the day.
Profile: Felix Arguelles

Chad dropped of the annual board he makes for Tampa Bro. Thanks chad!
Profile: Chad Cardoza

A few of the neighbors even stopped by for the party.

Everyone loves a cold PBR.

People were trying to get into The Chicken Trap any way they could.
Profile: Dave Cruz

You got to start them young, but if Levi is anything like his dad Abdias, he won't have any problems skateboarding.
Profile: Abdias Rivera

Heavy crew chilling poolside at Tampa Bro.

Mike Peterson with the one footer.
Profile: Mike Peterson

Kevin Taylor was blasting around the Dream Driveway all day.
Profile: Kevin Taylor

Robbie getting an edge up by the guys over at Second 2 None.
Profile: Robbie Kirkland

David Loy giving Felix something for his Snap Chat.
Profile: David Loy

A couple that drinks PBR together stays together.

This is how Ishod likes the chill by the pool.
Profile: Ishod Wair

Farmboy flying out to the top ropes.
Profile: Jud Heald

Ishod was all over the Dream Driveway.
Profile: Ishod Wair

Ishod, backtail pop out to flat.
Profile: Ishod Wair

Nothing like a cooler full of PBR on a nice Florida day.

GOAT, Porpe.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

If this isn't American enough for you, I don't know what is.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

The Gonz boardslides in his bro and pros run.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Ryan and Mark getting a little close during their run.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Mark's style is as timeless as the American flag.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Ishod stopping to enjoy a PBR and watch some runs.
Profile: Ishod Wair

Ryan on a pivot to fakie on the new addition to the Dream Driveway. This quarter pipe is no joke.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Ryan and Mark trying to win the crowd over with some old school tricks.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Sloane took home best style.

Winding down the day in the backyard with some PBR's and a nice river view.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Alvis just learned how to play corn hole. He always wins.
Profile: Alvis Meronek

Bob and David took home the Tampa Bro win.
Profile: Bob Reynolds

Scott kills it year round and took home the Tighest Bro Award.
Profile: Scott Bentley

Kevin Taylor took home the Most Inspirational Skater award, handed out by the man himself Mark Gonzales.
Profile: Kevin Taylor

Mike Rogers is faster than the speed of light.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Mark getting one last Cab in before it got too dark.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Jake Ilardi some how found speed to blast this 540 out of the newest addition to the Dream Driveway.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

Josh Borden didn't let the sun setting stop him from killing it.
Profile: Josh Borden