Recap: The Boardr BBQ at the Dream Driveway

Recap: The Boardr BBQ at the Dream Driveway

Posted by Chaz Miley on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Every year while Tampa Am brings all our global friends into town, we have a private party at the #DreamDriveway. It seems to get less and less private each year, but it's all good. Thanks to everyone that showed up for an afternoon of food, friends, skateboarding, and a view of Tampa that most visitors don't get to see.


Boardr BBQ 2016 - Setup
Starting the day off at the #DreamDriveway with a few interviews. Trap Nate supervising. Profile: Nate Ilardi aka Trap Nate
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Shade
Setting up some shade for everyone. Profile:
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Midler and Jake
First ones here... Profile: Alex Midler
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Zion and Clements
HiDefJoe at work on a Red Bull project with Zion. Profile: Zion Wright
Boardr BBQ 2016 - BSNB
Tommy held down parking for us today, but not before getting in the noseblunt. Profile: Tommy Presley
Boardr BBQ 2016 - BSTS
Alex Midler with the back tail. Profile: Alex Midler
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Tranny Skate
Zion getting ready to play Clem in a Game of SKATE on tranny. Profile: Zion Wright
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Tranny Skate No Confidence
Clem doesn't look too sure about this Game. Profile: Ryan Clements
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Zion Wins
Zion won, but it wasn't as easy as he thought it was going to be. Profile: Zion Wright
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Nick Matlin
Nick was ripping around all day with the Santa Cruz crew. Profile: Nick Matlin
Boardr BBQ 2016 - The List
Dashawn Jordan trying to figure out what tricks he's taking off the list. Profile: Dashawn Jordan
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Ollie
Lil Dre, ollie. Profile: DeAndre Thebpanya aka Lil Dre
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Half Cab Nosegrind
Half cab nosegrind, sorry didn't catch your name. Profile:
Boardr BBQ 2016 - 360 Flip
Dashawn Jordan, 360 flip fakie. Profile: Dashawn Jordan
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Help
Christian Dufrene is always down to lend a helping hand. Profile: Christian Dufrene
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Nosegrind
Alex Sorgente, nose grind. Profile: Alex Sorgente
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Trap
Pedro Delfino loves some Chicken Trap. Profile: Pedro Delfino
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Trap Packed
The Chicken Trap was packed all day. Profile: Dave Cruz
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Backyard
The back yard got just as much love as the driveway. Profile:
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Trap Lunch
Jata is down with The Trap. Profile: Chris Jata
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Fisher
Lazer checking to see if anything is biting. Profile: Lazer Crawford
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Trick List
Lots of tricks to knock off the list. Profile:
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Back Tail
Chris Colbourn, back tail. Profile: Chris Colbourn
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Cool Corner
The cool corner. Profile: Alejandro Burnell
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Bump Setup
Setting up the bump to hubba. Profile: Casey Wayne
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Size Up
There was a mad house of people sizing this thing up. Profile: Dashawn Jordan
Boardr BBQ 2016 - KFNB
Maurio McCoy, kick flip noseblunt. Profile: Maurio McCoy
Boardr BBQ 2016 - NF Crook
Dashawn Jordan, nollie flip crook. Profile: Dashawn Jordan
Boardr BBQ 2016 - KFBSTS Biggie
Zion, kick flip back tail big spin. Profile: Zion Wright
Boardr BBQ 2016 - KF Backside NB
Jack Olson, kick flip BS noseblunt. Profile: Jack Olson
Boardr BBQ 2016 - 270
Henry Gartland, 270 noseblunt. Profile: Henry Gartland
Boardr BBQ 2016 - 3 Flip Crook
Marcos Montoya, 3 flip crook. Profile: Marcos Montoya
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Trophy
Nate Greenwood took home this rad trophy. Profile: Nate Greenwood
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Sunset
Jagger Eaton getting in one last BS noseblunt before the sun set. Profile: Jagger Eaton
Boardr BBQ 2016 - Thanks
That's it from The Boardr crew. Thanks to everyone that stopped to hang out and thanks to all the dudes that came by and scratched some tricks off the board. Profile:

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