Recap: The Boardr BBQ at the Dream Driveway.

Posted by Rob Meronek on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Our headquarters are in Tampa, so every year during the week of Tampa Am, we invite key industry friends and skaters over to the Dream Driveway at Ryan Clements' house and have a nice afternoon of skating, eating, drinking, and riverside chilling in classic Florida style. Thanks to everyone that stopped by. Here's a few samples from the scene.

Mike Rogers was keeping up with the young bucks all day.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Getting to the top on the Dream Driveway is always a work out.

Jake has been on a tear lately, always nice to see him out.
Profile: Jake Wooten

Clem stoked on the day.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Zion getting some clips.
Profile: Zion Effs

Big Vern was in the house.
Profile: Vern Laird

Felipe Nunes was cruising around.
Profile: Felipe Nunes

My dog is the DOTD today.
Profile: Dog of the Day

The Santa Cruz dudes were getting clips all day!

Tent city was packed all day.

It's always rad to have Jiro on the scene.
Profile: Jiro Platt

I think they are trying to find where Henry Gartland's purple hair went.
Profile: Henry Gartland

Skate Nation always rolls deep.

Cool kids club.

Thanks for stopping by Knibbs.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Watching Felipe Nunes destroy everyone in Tetherball was the best thing I saw all day so that's what I'm leaving y'all with.
Profile: Felipe Nunes