Tampa Bro 2019 at the Dream Driveway Presented by Bro Style

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Every year while everyone's in town for Tampa Pro, we have a private gathering of friends and family at the Dream Driveway. Take a look at some photos and a video recap below.

The Santa Cruz crew was the 1st show up!
Profile: Jake Wooten

Right this way to all the fun.

Thanks for another rad board Chad!
Profile: Chad Cardoza

Clem is always chatting it up!
Profile: Ryan Clements

Clem's youngest kid Ford wasn't having it. She was going to ride no matter what.

Thanks to PBR for keeping us hydrated.

Scotty getting Shecks to skate in the contest.
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

Eric Palozzolo wins!

Tito on the scene.
Profile: Tito Porrata

Torey was around and chilling all day.
Profile: Torey Pudwill

It's all good times here at the Dream Driveway.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Jordan with my favorite trick of the day.
Profile: Jordan Maxham

The Boardr family is growing!

There is a hell of a view from that porch.

Felipe and the homies taking in the view.
Profile: Felipe Gustavo

Rob was enjoying the day.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Cool kid club!
Profile: Tyson Peterson

Heavy squad on the deck.
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

Tyson was killing it all day.
Profile: Tyson Peterson

More chatting from Clem.
Profile: Zach Kovacs aka Ducky

What a team!
Profile: Andy Anderson

Thanks for stopping by Shecks.
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

The man himself trying to take home another win.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Hell of a team right here!
Profile: Eric Dressen

Dressen still has the best style!
Profile: Eric Dressen

Big Jake with the front blunt.
Profile: Jake Ilardi

We had some rad people teamed up today.
Profile: Robby Kirkland

Joey came out and kicked it.
Profile: Joey Brezinski

Porpe killed it!
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

I think Jamie can front crook anything.
Profile: Jamie Foy

Congrats to these 3 dudes!
Profile: Paul Schmitt

Tampa Timmy was the last dude skating as always.
Profile: Timothy Solomon aka Tampa Timmy

Jamie is on the way out and so am I. Thanks to everyone that came out to the #DreamDriveway. We had a blast and hope you did too!
Profile: Jamie Foy