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Tampa Bro

Published 3/8/2023 by Rob Meronek

Every year during the week everyone's in town for Tampa Pro, we invite friends over for a mellow sideshow known as Tampa Bro. After the dust settled from a fun pairing of Pros and Bros (beloved Tampa locals), it was the duo of Tampa Timmy and Nick Merlino that left with bananas for the mantle! Chaz has a few photos from the day below.


Tampa Bro 2023 - The Pool

Start it out by the pool with some drinks.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Knibbs

Jereme Knibbs on site.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Jake

Jake fightin' off the fans.

Tampa Bro 2023 - DJ Vern

Vern keeps them guessing who skated to that song.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Montesi

Jon Mon!

Tampa Bro 2023 - Andy 5-0

Andy puts magic on everything.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Dane

Dane coming in.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Tim

Tim is here for the mic banter.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Trailer Park

The trailer park looks good.

Tampa Bro 2023 - TJ Rogers

TJ Rogers rolling through.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Casey and Jake

Casey and Jake.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Cass

Cass figuring out these non-street things.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Trey

Our two wheeled guy, Trey.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Jason

Jason here to cast judgement.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Notes


Tampa Bro 2023 - Clyde

Clyde will be on the mic this weekend!

Tampa Bro 2023 - The Young Ones

The young ones.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Dive

Nick and Tampa Timmy took a dive.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Doubles Routine

A doubles routine.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Andy Stunts

Andy with the super stunts.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Felipe and Ryan

Felipe and Ryan.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Switch Front Feeble

Looks like a leaned switch front feeble.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Pressure Washer

The pressure washer skates and rips.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Andrew Tight Bro

Andrew is a tight bro.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Ryan Hosting

Ryan, thanks for hosting.

Tampa Bro 2023 - Tampa Timmy and Nick Merlino

Tampa Timmy and Nick Merlino taking the bananas.

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