Traffic Premiere of 'Look Left' at HQ

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We showed the Traffic "Look Left" video here at HQ on a Friday night. Thanks for stopping by. Chaz has a few photos for you.

Nick Barwick starting off the night with a back tail.

Sly Sullivan, slob plant.
Profile: Sly Sullivan

Sly Sullivan, ollie into the pole jam.
Profile: Sly Sullivan

Abdias with a nice nose blunt.
Profile: Abdias Rivera

Jacob, front board pop out.

Look Left was rad.

Jimmy Mastrocolo stopped by to check out his part for the 1st time.
Profile: Jimmy Mastrocolo

Donahue holding it down for the big boys.
Profile: Alex Donahue

Please, no wheel marks.