This Week at The Boardr HQ

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's free and open skating weekdays from noon to 5pm here at The Boardr HQ. We're at 4611 North Hale Avenue near the Bucs Stadium in Tampa. Staff Photographer Chaz has a few snaps from the week here.

Dave came through with this fakie nosegrind.
Profile: Dave Cruz

The crew from the Made In Venice film stopped by to drop some gear off.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Making movies with HiDef Joe. Those are the new Gonz shoes that arrived in the Store this week.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

Casey hooking up the new PS4. Come not work with us.
Profile: Casey Wayne

Yonis, nollie backside nose blunt slide.
Profile: Yonis Molina

Jimmy, backside nose blunt slide pop out.
Profile: Jimmy Mastrocolo

Yonis, backside 180 nose grind.
Profile: Yonis Molina

Cash, 360 flip.
Profile: Cash Gaddes

Chuckie, fakie ollie smith bash.
Profile: Chucky Woodard

Chuckie, smith grind.
Profile: Chucky Woodard

Jordan Bostick, lien disaster.
Profile: Jordan Bostick

Chase, bean plant disaster.
Profile: Chase Espinosa

Alejandro, off the wall.
Profile: Alejandro Burnell

This Week at The Boardr - Nose Manny
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Chase, nose manny nollie big.
Profile: Chase Espinosa

Hopefully there are still some of these Welcome decks left by the time you read this. Pick one up here.

Pick up the new Gonz Adi Ease colorways that came in right here.
Profile: Mark Gonzales