Friday at The Boardr HQ

Posted by Chaz Miley on Saturday, August 27, 2016

Our indoor, private facility in Tampa is wide open for free skating for the public on weekdays from noon to 5pm. Stop by and join us. Here are a few snaps from The Boardr Staff Photographer, Chaz Miley.

Abdias took this nosegrind around the whole curb.
Profile: Abdias Rivera

Cash, heelflip.
Profile: Cash Gaddes

Cash putting down a proper half Cab flip.
Profile: Cash Gaddes

Cash with the true meaning of a pop shuv it.
Profile: Cash Gaddes

Manny stood here to Snapchat for like 10 minutes and this is how much he sweated out.
Profile: Manny Rodriguez

Robbie with the nollie inward heel.
Profile: Robbie Kirkland

T4PREZ, switch frontside heel.
Profile: Tommy Presley