Friday Afternoon at The Boardr HQ

Posted by Chaz Miley on Saturday, October 15, 2016

We're open to the public for free skating from noon to 5pm on weekdays. Friday afternoon is a good one here. Come join us. Check out a sample from The Boardr Staff Photographer, Chaz Miley.

The start of a good session.
Profile: Casey Wayne

Piro might be hurt, but he still rips.
Profile: Piro Sierra

Abdias with a wallie backside noseblunt slide.
Profile: Abdias Rivera


Manny with a nollie front crook.
Profile: Manny Rodriguez

Whose turn is it?
Profile: Casey Wayne

The hurt club.
Profile: Piro Sierra

This is one of about 15 kickflip backside tailslides that Robbie did.
Profile: Robbie Kirkland

Dylan with the proper feeble grind.
Profile: Dylan Perry

Casey with a switch 360 flip to end the night.
Profile: Casey Wayne