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The Boardr Am at NYC Qualifiers Results


7 Countries in this Event

Skateboarders from USA
USA: 86
Skateboarders from Puerto Rico
PUR: 3
Skateboarders from Switzerland
CHE: 1
Skateboarders from Canada
CAN: 1
Skateboarders from Brazil
BRA: 1
Skateboarders from South Africa
ZAF: 1
Skateboarders from Colombia
COL: 1

🏆 1st: Greyson Beal

Greyson BealUSA

Event Stats

Global Rank Points
1,000 Street
Prize Money
Goofy vs Regular
43 Regular, 45.74%
48 Goofy, 51.06%

The Boardr Open

The Boardr Open is a skateboarding series for advanced skaters, formerly known as The Boardr Am.

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