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Red Bull Boarding Pass Dallas Qualifiers Results


3 Countries in this Event

Skateboarders from USA
USA: 64
Skateboarders from Canada
CAN: 1
Skateboarders from Colombia
COL: 1

Results by Team

1: Team Brick
Team Brick
2: Team Geometric
Team Geometric
3: Team Deli
Team Deli
4: Team Skate Bus
Team Skate Bus
5: Team Southside
Team Southside
6: Team The Point
Team The Point
7: Team Money Ruins Everything
Team Money Ruins Everything
8: Team No Comply
Team No Comply
9: Team Rhythm
Team Rhythm
10: Team Core
Team Core
11: Team Get Real
Team Get Real
12: Team Boardhouse
Team Boardhouse
13: Team Lone Star
Team Lone Star
14: Team Avenue
Team Avenue

Results by Rider

🏆 1st: Jon Cosentino

Jon CosentinoCAN
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Event Stats

Global Rank Points
1,000 Street
Prize Money
Goofy vs Regular
28 Regular, 42.42%
35 Goofy, 53.03%

Red Bull Boarding Pass

A series of Team vs Team contests that leads to Terminal Takeover.

Red Bull Boarding Pass
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