Recap: Van Doren Invitational at Huntington

Posted by Rob Meronek on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From the Shop Battle to the Women's to the main event, get a recap and results from everything that went down here.

Play "Whose Shoes" and Win Free Vans

Looking down at Van Doren Invitational, I spied some nice kicks. Get your hints on whose shoes are whose by watching the live webcast, video recaps, and checking the coverage below. On August 15, one person will be selected from the list of perfect scores to get a free pair of Vans. Play now and win some Vans.

Congrats Ben Hatchell!

Qualifiers Recap

Shop Battle

Women's Contest

Past Results

My favorite photo of the weekend. Pedro on a tucked up far traveling stale fish.
Profile: Pedro Barros

Even if Tony Alva was far before your time in skateboarding, it's still pretty damn good seeing a 57 year old man ripping the bowl.
Profile: Tony Alva

Before the cover.
Profile: Tony Alva

The Editor had a life hammer with this cover.
Profile: Tony Alva

Nice grip by David Loy. There's an answer to one of the questions on our Whose Shoes Game from the weekend.
Profile: David Loy

The man who is no stranger to national TV breaks down the event for you.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Random kids in the crowd gave money to Omar.
Profile: Omar Hassan

Rowan going awkward on Lisa Simpson.
Profile: Rowan Zorilla

We'd all like to be back in Copenhagen. Raven has the souvenir.
Profile: Raven Tershy

I'm backin' the frontside frip meron, of course.
Profile: Alex Perelson

You better be freshly dressed if you're gonna date Nora.
Profile: Daniel Vargas

What a pleasure to see Holmes skate at this stop every year.
Profile: Christian Hosoi

Riley before his fingers got twisted.
Profile: Riley Stevens

Well, we all know who Willy Lara is now.
Profile: Willy Lara

Tim walks the line you're not supposed to cross like a tightrope between two skyscrapers.
Profile: Tim O'Connor

Amelia turned drinking legal over this weekend. You can get in all the bars but not past skateboard security.
Profile: Amelia Allen

Isn't it funny how seeing someone with plain white socks these days is funny?
Profile: Ronnie Sandoval

The crowd is bronzing in the people cooker up there.

Felipe and Chase, team mates on Excel Management.
Profile: Chase Hawk

Strap a GoPro to that bird and you have a non-GMO droid to film the contest with.

Robin Bolian recovered quickly from this faceplant.
Profile: Robin Bolian

I want to see a time lapse of the crowd getting baked and bronzed.

Burnout and Clements talk shop.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Rothmeyer distributes the paper for the stunts.
Profile: Jason Rothmeyer

Greyson comes up.
Profile: Greyson Fletcher

This bowl is built in the sand.

The other side should be Uber.

Pause while we go barge the etnies signing. Porpe gets right in line and draws his signature fish for all these kids wondering who he is.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Pause to barge the Red Bull Periscope with Joey.
Profile: Joey Brezinski

We're on the Red Bull tab watching the NBC broadcast of Hart Lines. Thanks Red Bull and Felipe for the entertainment.
Profile: Felipe Gustavo

Porpe Life.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Jason, our head judge, and The Boardr Live, our event administration and scoring system, ran things behind the scenes all weekend. We could cook dinner on those iPads frying in the sun.
Profile: Jason Rothmeyer

Proper representation. Pick up a Shaqueefa shirt here.
Profile: Rowan Zorilla

Ben Hatchell blew minds on that Finals Jam. Damn! Congrats on another win, Ben.
Profile: Ben Hatchell

Back at the hotel, the staff is on Trunk Boys tag cleanup duty.
Profile: Raven Tershy

Jagger was on land boards and water boards all week.
Profile: Jagger Eaton

We'll leave you with HiDefJoe's drone view of the site.