Recap: Van Doren Invitational at Vancouver

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, July 10, 2015

Ripping skateboarding from the deep end to the shallow end went down all weekend at the second annual Vancouver stop of the Van Doren Invitational.

Hastings History

Contest Recap

Heard about SBC going out of business? The Editor is here to help with Matt Milligan getting Canadian covers.
Profile: Matt Milligan

Nolan tucks one up at practice.
Profile: Nolan Munroe

Zach has the new gadgets way before they come out.
Profile: Zach Miller

Filmer fellows.
Profile: Ira Ingram

I'm going to start calling Clements, 'Ryan Ryan.'
Profile: Ryan Clements

Alex comes through with the local donuts.
Profile: Alex Chalmers

Daniel floats a backside one over the hip.
Profile: Daniel Vargas

Riley goes frontside over the hip.
Profile: Riley Boland

Josh Borden tweaks up a method.
Profile: Josh Borden

Dalton pulls up a lein melon.
Profile: Dalton Dern

Ryan Ryan and Rene Rene were hour mic hosts for the weekend.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Riley points that Indy air straight down.
Profile: Riley Stevens

We got in some tourist time thanks to local Mike Prangnell. There's some kind of floater race going on now.

This scene requires a boy band photo, or should I say man band. Matt Milligan, Ryan Clements, Mike Prangnell, and Brian Howard chill before work.
Profile: Matt Milligan

These babies are setting sail for some lessons.

At the University skate park, you can tell everyone you're hitting the books.

Nightlife with the gap sailor.
Profile: Dalton Dern

Babies in the club.
Profile: Cory Juneau

Corey Sheppard!

So this guy Red started Burnside. Thanks for the entertainment all weekend.

Pause for a selfie with Alex. Thanks for having us!

Grant Patterson!

After the bar, it's a walk down sketchy Hastings Street that started in the back alley. Not sure if these girls were crackheads or just going out for a night in the club.

This is one crusty pigeon corner on Hastings.
Profile: Brian Howard

One last tourist lurk before heading out. Downtown Vancouver is beautiful.

We should take sea planes in next time. Good bye, Vancouver.