Transworld CUT in Austin, Texas

Posted by Jorge Angel aka Porpe on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This past weekend I was in Austin for 36 hours for the second stop of Transworld's Come Up Tour. I was surprised with how much I was able to do in Austin in the day and a half I was there. Looking forward to coming back for X Games and adidas Skate Copa. Here are some photos from my quick trip.

TWS CUT Footage

Not a bad view for a day in the office.

This section of House Park I could skate for hours. This is the skatepark where we will be hosting Mid-South Regionals of adidas Skate Copa.

It was nice to see the local scene come out and support TWS CUT.

Kechaud Johnson with a backtail on the big rail as the crowd looks on. He skated the contest for fun since he has had a Check Out in Transworld.
Profile: Ke'Chaud Johnson

Genesis Delagarza has the backtail to fakie on the small rail. He hasn't had a Check Out in Transworld and was able to squeeze into the Finals.
Profile: Genesis Delagarza

TWS CUT Devin White Laserflip
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Devin White with the laser flip down the set. He also did the laser flip down the big set during an impromptu best trick at the end of the day.
Profile: Devin White

Our guest judge, Scott Sullivan, was casually judging the contest along with the TWS crew of Mike Fitzgerald, and Brady Ferdig.
Profile: Mike Fitzgerald

Elias Bingham holds down No Comply skate shop in Austin, TX. Thanks for the good times! See you in a few weeks.
Profile: Elias Bingham

Kyle Stone with a proper backside over crook down the hubba.
Profile: Kyle Stone

Tommy Wilkinson with a backside smith down the big rail.
Profile: Tommy Wilkinson

Will from Official is part of the crew that is driving around in the Official Sprinter Van to each stop of the Come Up Tour. In between heats he was giving away Official hats with impromptu contest.

One of the impromptu contests was first to early grab down the stairs. The winner got an Official hat. Who Dat had it first try.

On long road trips across the country, mishaps are bound to happen. The Official sprinter van had a run in with a deer.

Mikey Whitehouse with a backside over crook down the big rail.
Profile: Mikey Whitehouse

Colton Swim - frontside flip.
Profile: Colton Swim

Drake Flores - kickflip.
Profile: Drake Flores

Jonathan Bastian put on a clinic on this handrail. This frontside feeble is one of the many tricks he did down the big rail.
Profile: Jonathan Bastian

Jonathan Bastian looking like Evan Smith with this backside 360 nose grab.
Profile: Jonathan Bastian

Carsten Boyer with a bluntslide down the hubba.
Profile: Carsten Boyer

Garrett Young - noseblunt.
Profile: Garrett Young

I can't wait to see how many drones will be on the X Games course. There was one flying around during the contest

A little over a year ago Justin Williamson and his girlfriend were stepping out of a public bus and got hit by a car. The hit and run was fatal, and his girlfriend passed away from the accident. He suffered a broken back. He is back on his board frontside flipping down the stairs.
Profile: Justin Williamson

Jonathan Bastian got the TWS Prime Cut award.
Profile: Jonathan Bastian

Justin Williamson won the contest, Colton Swim got 2nd Place, and Carsten Boyer got third place. For the rest of the Finals Results go here.
Profile: Justin Williamson

After the contest we went to Barton Springs. It was very refreshing after a long day in the sun.

I've been having fun taking Oscar selfies with the fisheye. The first two stops with the TWS crew has been solid. Looking forward to Minneapolis stop this weekend.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Later on we ended up at No Comply for a photo show. The local skateboard scene is tight in Austin.

Scott, Carsten, and Kechaud chillen at No Comply.
Profile: Ke'Chaud Johnson

Robert Homyak chilling with his homies in front of the largest hat wall I have ever seen.
Profile: Robert Homyak

I haven't seen shortbus in a minute. I forgot to ask him, but I heard he was Riff Raff a.k.a Jody Highroller's cousin.
Profile: Josh Johnson aka Shortbus

After the photo show at No Comply we headed off to Liberty Bar. At the back of the bar is an outside area where a East Side Kind Food Truck is obviously very popular.

Down the street from Liberty Bar there was a motorcycle show. I never seen so many vintage bikes in one building.

The highlight of the weekend was watching this 60 something year old dude ride a motorcycle on a vertical wall and grab my dollar.

The night wasn't quite over yet. We had one last stop to make. You can' go to Austin without enjoying some local music. Next stop was Hotel Vegas to watch a metal band. After a few tracks from Ditch Witch we called it night. Until next time Austin...