The Boardr BBQ at the Dream Driveway

The Boardr BBQ at the Dream Driveway

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, December 5, 2013

If you were at our BBQ yesterday at the Dream Driveway, thanks for stopping by for a roll and some sauce from either Red Bull or PBR depending on what side of 21 you're on. It's nice to see everyone in our hometown again for the big skateboard contest this weekend. I'm looking forward to watching Tampa Am without 14 hour work days anymore.


Porpe and Jared Lucas on the Grill
Porpe has BBQ skills naturally running through his Latin blood. That steak and chicken fed a steady stream of people passing through. Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Dylan Perry Gap to Something
What is Dylan Perry going to gap to this weekend? Profile: Dylan Perry
Jereme Knibbs is Back
Jereme is back from his first trip to Europe. He spent it on tour with Lil Wayne and Young Money. We're getting some great stories out of him. Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Jamie Foy Gap to Something
Jamie Foy made quite a splash at Tampa Am last year. I'm sure he'll repeat this year. Profile: Jamie Foy
Cameron Hunt FSEC
My fellow FSEC member Cameron Hunt. This dude has goats. Do they eat your t-shirts? Profile: Cameron Hunt
Zion Wright in Tampa
This will be Zion's first Tampa Am this weekend. Profile: Zion Wright
Scott Bentley
Scott Bentley probably skates the Dream Driveway more than Clements does. Profile: Scott Bentley
JS Lapierre
JS Lapierre is here with the full Canadian crew. Profile: JS Lapierre
Pat Tremblay Blunt Fakie
We don't usually see much going down on the tightest tranny in the driveway. Pat Tremblay's got a blunt fakie on it. Profile: Pat Tremblay
John Montesi
John Montesi got a break from kid duty today. Mine starts a week from Monday when my first child will be born. Profile: John Montesi
Zach Godlewski from Texas
Zach Godlewski is here from Texas. He's got nowhere to go but up from 135th place last year. We're backing you, Zach! Profile: Zach Godlewski
Mike Rogers from Grind for Life
One of the smaller projects we're working on is helping Mike Rogers out with a Grind for Life project in Florida involving a few contests open for all. We'll have some details on that soon. Profile: Mike Rogers
Austin England in Tampa
One of my favorite artists is back in town through all of December. Profile: Austin England
Chris Blake on the River
Chris Blake takes a break from the front yard with a cast or two in the back yard. Profile: Chris Blake
Jorge Shooting
Jorge, shortly before a running touchdown dance because he shot down an innocent Red Bull can. Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Seamus Supplies the PBR
Thanks for supplying the PBR, Seamus! Profile: Seamus Gallagher
Pat Stiener
Pat Stiener is on his regular video logging duty this weekend. Profile: Pat Stiener
Kevin Wilkins and PBR
A pellet gun, PBR, and Kevin Wilkins equals classic Florida backwoods. Profile: Kevin Wilkins
Scotty Conley
Scotty Conley is a regular visitor to The Boardr porch and offices. Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body
Treshan Oshaughnessy
Treshan Oshaughnessy is a Largo resident at the moment. Profile: Treshan Oshaughnessy
Chris Blake BSTS
Chris Blake is now in the front yard on a back tail. Profile: Chris Blake
Alejandro Burnell and Jett Eaton
Alejandro Burnell and Jett Eaton. The east coast and the west coast have different sign language. Profile: Alejandro Burnell
Jon Cosentino Stale Fish
Jon Cosentino can pick some grapefruit while he's up there on this stale fish. Profile: Jon Cosentino
Red Bull MXT
Cullen rolls this thing all around Florida. Thanks for parking it here and filling the airwaves. Profile:
Top of the Dream Driveway
The top of the Dream Driveway is better than the flat bottom on a vert ramp for games of SKATE. Tyler's got a fakie 360 flip and a letter for you. Profile: Tyler Hunger
Ben Patterson Front Crook
Ben was part of the deep Canadian crew. Profile: Ben Paterson
Zack Ferguson Frontside Nosegrind Fakie
We're going to have to get a Canadian flag if any more show up. Zack Ferguson is taking this frontside nosegrind to fakie. Profile: Zack Ferguson
Bigfoot in the Dream Driveway
Out here in these parts, you can have a sasquatch sighting if you look close enough into the brush. Profile:
Patrice Tremblay Stinker
Pat Tremblay was blasting the stinkers over the hip. Profile: Pat Tremblay
Tyler Hunger BSTS
As we expected, Tyler has grown up to be ripping young man. Profile: Tyler Hunger
Jereme Knibbs Backside Ollie
Jereme has to ollie that grass in the foreground to a quick setup for this king sized backside snap. Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Piro Sierra
Piro Sierra lives in NYC, but comes and stays down here in Florida during winter. That pretty much makes him Canadian. Profile: Piro Sierra
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
This is what heavy metal parking lot looks like in the Dream Driveway. Profile:
Uncle Sam's Haircut
Uncle Sam got his hair did before the big contest this weekend. Judges better take notice. Profile: Uncle Sam Bellipanni
Justin Ryan
Is Justin Ryan going to be employee #5 at The Boardr? If that happens, I'm preparing the full fluff style press release with the headline, "Staff at The Boardr Grows Leaps and Bounds by 25%!!" More on that later. Profile: Justin Ryan
The Moon and Skies
The moon and skies are looking amazing as the sun sets on our BBQ. Thanks to everyone that stopped by! Profile:
Alex Bibiloni is 21
Alex B is no longer on sneak attack missions when it comes to the booze. Welcome to the post 21 world, Alex. Profile: Alex Bibiloni

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