The Boardr Live Scoring in Olympic Street League Format

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Our live and instant scoring system, The Boardr Live™, used by both large and small event organizers in the skateboarding and BMX industries, now supports a new format. We call it 2/5/4 Format. Basically, it's the Street League format that will likely be used in the Olympics. The format is simple. You get two runs and five best trick attempts, and your best four scores count.

Start Using It Today

Current users of The Boardr Live will see this option in their events set up. If you'd like a demo and more information on how you can use The Boardr Live to easily organize and run your skateboarding competitions in a professional and very user friendly manner, email us at

We ran a 2/5/4 test contest with The Boardr Live at our TF in Tampa with The Boardr Staff before activating the format during the Finals at all Boardr Am stops.