How We Run Things Behind the Scenes at Skateboarding Contests: The Boardr Live™ Scoring App

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, May 2, 2016

We wrote The Boardr Live™ from the ground up using over 20 years of experience running large and small skateboarding events. Check out a full demo from start to finish if you're into that sort of thing: business processes, systems, etc. I still can't believe I get to work on stuff in skateboarding like this for a living.

The video above is a run-through of our event administration and scoring app.

To make an extra nerdy point, if you're sitting in math class wondering if you'll ever use all that stuff, I have one of those examples for you. Of course you will for basic algebra. If you can't see that, math is definitely not for you. Don't be building any skate obstacles either.

What I never expected was for us to actually have higher math issues come into play in skateboarding business problems like the classic Traveling Salesman. With all of these skateboarding showdowns going on all around the country, it takes some hashing out to figure out the optimal path for the #BoardrBus and #BoardrBoys to take. It's such a small scale, but it was cool to see one of the most stuided and hard to solve "simple real-life issues" appear in our day to day work here. Bad news, though. We used brute force to solve it, no polynomial-time algorithm discovery for us. What if we won the million dollars posted for solving it? It would go right back into skateboarding. We need smarter skateboarders. I hope you're one of them and come work in our industry one day.

Anyway, thanks for checking out all my numbers madness. We'll see you in your hometown soon. Keep up with where we're at next on The Boardr Events List.

Traveling Salesman