10 Options for a Reborn Skateboarder

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, December 18, 2014

We hope you never quit in the first place, but if you're one of the "I used to skate" types, we understand. Life can stop the roll - from spouses to jobs to kids to oversized belly growth, things can stack against the good times on the wood and wheels. We have found that many of you are rediscovering it later in life and have put together a list of things you might be interested as the old school skateboarder and older one returning to skateboarding. Welcome back!

1: Powell Peralta Per Welinder Street Classic Reissue Deck, Color: Green

If you've been out of the skateboarding industry loop for a long time, you might not know that after freestyling died, the freestylers took over the industry. I remember when this board first came out when Per was crossing over from super skinny freestyle deck to 'street' board like everyone else was doing in the late 80's and early 90's. A great plank to get back on wheels with when you're 40+.

Buy Now: $80.00

2: Powell Peralta Ray Barbee Classic Reissue Deck, Color: Red

Even today, Ray remains one of the smoothest in style on a board. These days he's also killing in the music scene. Powell's reissue of Ray's OG board is a perfect route to reissue your youth to yourself. Get pushing on it, kid.

Buy Now: $80.00

3: 3D Bear T Shirt, Color: Black

Maybe back when you were in the thick of skateboarding consuming your whole life, it was when Brian Anderson rode for Girl, or maybe even way back when it was Toy Machine. These days, Brian has started his own company, 3D, with a nod to some history in skateboard graphics. You recognize this one? When you bust back into the scene with your throwbank plank, your gear should be on point, too. This 3D Bear shirt is the right mix of old and new just like your trick selection is going to be.

Buy Now: $20.00

4: 3D Gnar Chompers Rails

Lots of old uncool things are now cool again in skateboarding. No complys and bonelesses as far as tricks, and rails as far as accessories. You can mount these in your big comeback and feel as good as you did as a kid.

Buy Now: $13.00

5: OJ III Wheels Figgy Psychedelic Freakouts Wheels, Color: Blue, Black Swirl

OJ is back and pouring urethane for both old school boards and modern wheels like these Figgy's here. Maybe OJ never went away? I'm not sure, but these days with everything old being new again, they're definitely rolling more than usual. Your big skateboard personal grand re-opening is really starting to shape up to be just like when you fell out of love with it way back then, huh? Rekindle those flames with yet another modern and throwback mix on these OJ 53mm's here.

Buy Now: $32.00

6: Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bearings haven't changed. Just get the Reds.

Buy Now: $18.00

7: Tired Helmet Deck

You won't know Tired if you're just coming back into skateboarding, but since everything old is new, you shouldn't be surprised that there's a company specifically targeted to old guys. It's pure comedy since Brad Staba is behind the whole thing. Skip the old school reissue and go with the Tired Helmet deck and you'll be in the company of fellow old dudes trying to stop the sand aka youth from falling through their fingers.

Buy Now: $55.00

8: Independent Stage 11 Forged Titanium Trucks, Color: Black

Trucks haven't changed much and Indy carves and slashes circles around the rest, but one thing that has come around in recent years is titanium trucks. You need all the help you can get for getting back off the ground. Fight gravity with these Independent Forged Titanium trucks.

Buy Now: $78.00

9: Bones Brigade Lance Mountain Future Primitive Reissue Deck, Color: Blue

Back on the reissue thing, this Lance Mountain reissue may rekindle nightmares of Bonite. Don't worry, there's no sucky black tar paper in these Lance decks in 2015. They're pure seven layers like skateboards have been and stayed all these years.

Buy Now: $100.00

10: Bones Brigade Lance Mountain Future Primitive Sticker, Color: Assorted

While you're on the reissue kick, you have to get stickers of course. Put them on your mom's car again even through she's like 70. You'll both feel young again when she finds them and remembers the days of you doing that as a kid. Thanks for taking a tour down memory lane at The Boardr Store with us. We can help you anytime with your triumphant return to the wood and wheels. Email questions to help@theboardr.com.

Buy Now: $1.00