The Boardr 2018 Year End Recap

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, December 31, 2018

Another year, another circle around the globe on wheels. We were again lucky enough to work on some of skateboardings most fun events of the year. Below are some video highlights from Scotty and photography highlights from Chaz. Find out where we'll be next on The Boardr Events List. Thanks for all your support for what we're up to in skateboarding.

We got a day off in Cleveland and decided to do the full tourist deal.
Profile: Casey Wayne

We got some free time while in Houston, so we met up with Jordan for a little street skating.
Profile: Jordan Miles

We had a little team building event at a Yankee game right down the street from HQ.

Shout out to Pat for holding us down while we were in NYC.
Profile: Pat Stiener

Christian Dufrene is alway one of my favorites to show up to a contest. This back 180 nose grind went down in Huntington Beach at The Boardr Am this year.
Profile: Christian Dufrene

Mark showed up to Harold Hunter Day in NYC. It's always great to see The Gonz out and about.
Profile: Mark Gonzales

Here is one of my favorite photos from the year Casey skating at the water wall in Houston Tx.
Profile: Casey Wayne

We took Chucky on one of our longer trips this year. It was rad to see young Chucky get to experience a lot of new things for the first time.
Profile: Chucky Woodard

This front shuv from Zion's VPS winning run in Huntington Beach was insane.
Profile: Zion Wright

Having Evan around is always a pleasure. This was at this year's Tampa Bro over at the #DreamDriveway.
Profile: Evan Smith

We got to see little Gavin at a ton of events this year. He is growing up fast.
Profile: Gavin Bottger

We put on a fake contest for a Netflix movie and had Zion as the stunt double. It was quite the experience to see a high end movie go on right before our eyes.
Profile: Zion Wright