How to Run a Skateboarding Event - A Detailed Roadmap

Posted by Rob Meronek on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Before we started The Boardr years ago, we ran events with Skatepark of Tampa for nearly two decades. We're still trying to improve everything we're doing, including evolving along with skateboarding and staying true to core values.

We took some time to document everything from our playbook for a successful event in hopes that you or your organization can throw some fun and organized skateboarding events of your own. Whether large or small, existing or something you're planning for the future, we hope this detailed series covering all the major topics of running a skateboarding contest helps.

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Budgets and Funding

While your event is nothing more than an idea, how to pay for it is one of the first things you need to think about. Get this part right and you'll have a sustainable event that can last for years on its own. We go over venue fees, the pros and cons of entry fees, sponsorship, and more.


The crew executing your event is key to its success and people in each position need strengths in different areas. In this segment, we review all the key positions we have in the events we run.

Getting a Venue

In this segment, we review everything from location to terrain to crowd room, and how important these things are in considering your venue.

Media Coverage

From social media to historical documentation, your photographers and filmers are an important part of giving your event longevity.


Scoring can be intimidating and complex, but we can make it simple for you with some tools and guidance. Our tool of choice, along with much of the skateboarding industry, is of course, The Boardr Live, but you can also run plain old pen, paper, and spreadsheets.


In this segment we cover details and things to consider when setting a date, creating the schedule, and picking an event format.

Registration and Check-In

This one's a quick review of the process of registration, the pros and cons of pre-registration, and more.

Executing Your Event

This segment covers many of the things you need to be aware of on the day of your event, including branding and aesthetics, tables, tents, awards, your sound system, and more.

Customer Service

You have three categories of customers to think about when creating an event. The participants in your audience, the sponsors backing your event, and the audience that attends it. You should be in the mindset of superior customer service at all times to ensure your event can happen year after year and grow to sustain itself with sponsors, skaters, and an audience that backs you and what you're doing for the skate community.