Recap: GFL Series Presented by Marinela at San Luis Obispo

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

San Luis Obispo, California was the eighth stop of the year for the Grind for Life Series Presented by Marinela, an all ages skateboarding contest series in both bowl and street. Check the full results, rankings, and future stops at

The Marinela booth was looking good this morning.

Vern found his favorite of the Marinela snacks.
Profile: Vern Laird

Rob had his hands full this morning with registration.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Little dudes in full effect.
Profile: Julian Jeang-Agliardi

Shade is the key to a good day.

Phoenix Sinnerton getting ready to rip.
Profile: Phoenix Sinnerton

Phoenix putting a little style on this ollie.
Profile: Phoenix Sinnerton

Amanda Castillo with the wallride.
Profile: Amanda Castillo

You don't see a stalefish boneless everyday.
Profile: Rory Beaudoin

Judges had some tough decisions to make today.

Top skaters from the Street 9 and Under Division.
Profile: Mason Anstey

Top skaters from Street 10 to 12 Division.
Profile: Ben Garry

Top skaters from Street 13 to 15 Division.
Profile: Noah Garry

Top skaters from Street Women's Division.
Profile: Amanda Castillo

This little dude gets Dog of the Year.
Profile: Dog of the Day

Jake Malick with the nosegrind.
Profile: Jake Malick

Josh Salmon with the front blunt.
Profile: Josh Salmon

Skate nerds watching Ishod take Gold at X-Games.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Paul Rutkowski with the 3 flip lip.
Profile: Paul Rutkowski

Allan Hernandez with the crook.
Profile: Allan Hernandez

Camp Schillereff with the front feeble.
Profile: Camp Schillereff

Mike Rogers with the wallride.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Top skaters from Street 16 to 29 Division.
Profile: Freddy Pulido

Top skaters from Street 30 and Up Division.
Profile: Jason Smith

Top skaters from Street Sponsored Division.
Profile: Allan Hernandez

Lucca Panesi with the smith.
Profile: Lucca Panesi

Ruby Lilley with the feeble to fakie.
Profile: Ruby Lilley

Bean plant from Robert Beaudoin.
Profile: Robert Beaudoin

Front rock from the man himself.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Christian Grenier getting up here.
Profile: Christian Grenier

JD Sanchez with a FS ollie.
Profile: JD Sanchez

Phoenix Sinnerton with a proper 540.
Profile: Phoenix Sinnerton

Top skaters from Bowl 9 and Under Division.
Profile: Jake Familton

Top skaters from Bowl 10 to 12 Division.
Profile: Rico Duenas

Top skaters from Bowl 13 to 39 Division.
Profile: Jonathan Lilley

Top skaters from Bowl Women's Division.
Profile: Ruby Lilley

Top skater from Bowl 40 - 49.
Profile: Robert Beaudoin

Top skater from Bowl 50 and Up.
Profile: Mike Rogers

Top skater from Bowl Sponsored and just like that we are out. Thanks to everyone that came out and ripped. We will see everyone at our next stop in Houston, Texas!
Profile: Kieran Woolley

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