Recap: GFL Series Presented by Marinela at Zephyrhills

Posted by Rob Meronek on Monday, February 25, 2019

Zephyrhills was the second stop of the year for the GFL Series Presented by Marinela. Check our recap photos and video below. Next stop: New Smyrna on March 16.

Dylan had another busy day at registration.
Profile: Dylan Perry

We had my beautiful girl helping out today.

Big boss man showed up!
Profile: Ryan Clements

Mike Rogers is on the scene.
Profile: Mike Rogers

I love seeing this many people come out to support skateboarding.

Young Meronek showed up!
Profile: Alvis Meronek

This dog just ran out on the course like it was her run.

Marinela tent was busy all day.

The Boardr Families!
Profile: Rob Meronek

Zion with the boardslide.
Profile: Rob Meronek

Max gets DOTD!
Profile: Dog of the Day

The Wings Team showed up!

Shiloh with the drop in.
Profile: Shiloh Catori

Street 9 and Under.
Profile: PJ DeBlasi

Top skaters from Street 10 to 12 Division.
Profile: Jack McKee

Top skaters from Street 13 to 15 Division.
Profile: Noah Nagaro

Top skaters from Street Women's Division.
Profile: Kerstin Brown

Get your raffle tickets ready!
Profile: Mike Rogers

Thats the future talking right there.

The Red Bull crew rolled in heavy.

Wesley Samson with the front board.
Profile: Wesley Samson

Corey with the 50-50.
Profile: Corey Gonzalez

Ira has fans!
Profile: Ira Ingram

The Red Bull dudes couldn't even get in the park.

Zion was on the scene.
Profile: Zion Wright

Top skaters from Street 16 to 29 Division.
Profile: Adrian Jimenez

Top skaters from Street 30 and Up Division.
Profile: Tiago Christian Alves De Oliveira

Top skaters from Street Sponsored Division.
Profile: Landon Swan

Kayo Martin with the boneless.
Profile: Kayo Martin

Zion hopped in the bowl for a quick run.
Profile: Zion Wright

Creighton Cummings up and over.
Profile: Creighton Cummings

Thanks for coming out boys!!
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

Shecks is down for GFL
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

Congrats Jake Blue on winning the GoPro Clip of the Day!
Profile: Jake Blue

Abe Stewart ripping around the bowl.
Profile: Abe Stewart

Rachelle Tomlinson drove all the way from South Carolina to win the contest.
Profile: Rachelle Tomlinson

All eyes on Greek.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Jake with the long transfer.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Top skaters from Bowl 9 and Under Division.
Profile: Cole Liller

Top skaters from Bowl 10 to 12 Division.
Profile: Gavin Liller

Top skaters from Bowl 13 to 39 Division.
Profile: Landon Barnhart

Top skaters from Bowl Women's Division.
Profile: Rachelle Tomlinson

Top skaters from Bowl 40 to 49 Masters.
Profile: Jimmy Marcus aka The Greek

Top skaters from Bowl 50 and Up Grand Masters.
Profile: Jay Smith

Top skaters from Bowl Sponsored. Thanks to everyone that came out and skated today!
Profile: Jake Yanko

Chaz is the ringleader for the early morning crew circle to plan the day.
Profile: Chaz Miley

Hi, it's Alvis' dad here and I'm sneaking in photos I shot of him. Here's sailing into last place but having a good time the whole way.
Profile: Alvis Meronek

Alvis and Sloane are the youngest right now but I'm sure that won't be for long.
Profile: Sloane Clements

Insert classic joke about kidnapper vans here.

Zion in the autograph tornado.
Profile: Zion Wright

Sheckler in the autograph tornado.
Profile: Ryan Sheckler

Jamie Foy in the autograph tornado.
Profile: Jamie Foy