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A Sample of Downtown Tampa Skate Spots

Published 2/16/2014 by Rob Meronek

I recently downloaded this app called Skate Spots. It lets you log spots by automatically getting the map location for you while you add all the extras like a photo, the type of spot, the bust factor, and any notes you want. I tested it out in my neighborhood where I live in Downtown Tampa. I'm lucky that I can push out my front door and find all these skateboarding spots withing a few blocks of each other, especially with them all being such a wide variety of skill level and style. Notice how I don't count the Bro Bowl as a skate spot. Yep, I'm hating. Blow that thing up already and build something new. I still can't believe that useless giant bird bath is still keeping us from getting a new skate park downtown. Oops, okay, back on topic. Anyway, I combined my use of the app with a nice tour for you of a few downtown Tampa skate spots I pass by on the regular as I roll around down here.


Skate Spots Skateboarding App Download

Get more details and download the Skate Spots App here. I like how it will get your latitude and longitude coordinates for you, then from there, you create a new spot. You can add a photo, notes, and trick list to each spot. A quick view of the map of spots you've created is useful for remembering what's nearby after you get a good list going. Nice job on this app, Sean!

Plastic Benches at Element Downtown

Outside of the Element building downtown are these plastic benches that you can hot foot it on with that gap between the two. You can get arrested at most of the spots I'm showing you here, of course. Run into The Hub across the street if the cops come. I did that once downtown and the cop followed me in and dragged me out.

Verizon Banks Downtown Tampa

At the Verizon offices is where you'll find the Verizon banks. That's barely enough to call a bank as those mellow things don't help you out too much with your wallride.

Verizon Banks Downtown Tampa Alternate View

The Verizon banks seen from the other direction.

Hop Up Banks Downtown Tampa

You have to be really good to do anything on these short banks to ollie up onto.

Manual Spot Downtown Tampa

On the east side of downtown going towards Turtle Ditch, there's this wacky manny pad that's nice for the old guys.

Manual Spot Alternate View Downtown Tampa

The other side of the weird manny pad corner.

Short Wall Ledges Downtown Tampa

These short ledges seem to be used by the BMXers a lot.

Short Wall Ledges Wallride Over Downtown Tampa

I wish I could wallride well enough to get over this thing.

Gap Over Rail into Bank Downtown Tampa

Ask Jereme Knibbs about this gap over the rail into that bank/hubba. There's another one on the other side the opposite way.

Double Sided Ledge Downtown Tampa

Every old guy loves a double sided curb or ledge. This one is a little high for us old dudes. Looks like a regular BMXer spot, too.

Turtle Ditch Flyout Launcher Downtown Tampa

This is my favorite low impact flyout spot at the mouth of Turtle Ditch.

Turtle Ditch Flat Gap Downtown Tampa

Also at the mouth of Turtle Ditch is this huge flat gap. Has anyone done this? I don't know, but you have no excuse on the pushing room.

Turtle Ditch Downtown Tampa

The best old guys spot in downtown Tampa is Turtle Ditch right here. I always think that's kind of a harsh bump until I see footage of someone that rips skate it, then it looks easy. Every time something new gets built here, the city wipes it clean. Don't even bother trying to add stuff.

Low Double Sided Ledge Downtown Tampa

This nice and low double sided ledge is right in the center of downtown. I get kicked out of here skating by myself all the time. It feels a little pathetic getting kicked out when you're alone.

Rail Gap to Driveway Downtown Tampa

This rail gap to driveway has been destroyed by people, most recently Miles Silvas and Markus Jalaber. Who brings a damn baby to a skate spot? That's my son Alvis who's on tour with me as I give him the lowdown on what he's going to grow up and skate.

Blue 10 Rail and Stairs Downtown Tampa

Of course I have to include downtown Tampa's most famous spot. That's Blue 10 and it's been this way for a while now. I wonder if anything new will be there once this construction is done.

Curtis Hixon 9-Stair Set in Downtown Tampa

I live in that building back there and can see kids skating this nine-stair set in Curtis Hixon Park from my balcony all the time. There are lots of other spots down here, but the boy and I have to call it a day and head back in now. Thanks for taking the tour of my neighborhood with me.

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