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adidas Skate Copa at Los Angeles Qualifiers Results


3 Countries in this Event

Skateboarders from USA
USA: 70
Skateboarders from Canada
CAN: 1
Skateboarders from Dominica
DMA: 1

Results by Team

1: Team Active
Team Active
2: Team Garage
Team Garage
3: Team 303 Boards
Team 303 Boards
4: Team Pharmacy
Team Pharmacy
5: Team Mainline
Team Mainline
6: Team Val Surf
Team Val Surf
7: Team Furnace
Team Furnace
8: Team United
Team United
9: Team Identity
Team Identity
10: Team Epidemic
Team Epidemic
11: Team Surf Ride
Team Surf Ride
12: Team Boarders
Team Boarders
13: Team Sun Diego
Team Sun Diego
14: Team Asylum
Team Asylum
15: Team XTreme
Team XTreme
16: Team Transport
Team Transport
17: Team Defy
Team Defy
18: Team Crown
Team Crown

Results by Rider

🏆 1st: Chris Joslin

Chris JoslinUSA

Event Stats

Global Rank Points
2,000 Street
Prize Money
Goofy vs Regular
40 Regular, 55.56%
29 Goofy, 40.28%

adidas Skate Copa

adidas Skate Copa is an international series of shop vs shop contests created, managed, and run by The Boardr for adidas Skateboarding. adidas stopped the series after the 2015 season. We hope for the return of it soon.

adidas Skate Copa
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