Recap: adidas Skate Copa at Atlanta

Posted by Rob Meronek on Saturday, May 16, 2015

Check the Qualifiers results here. Finals brackets results are below. Congrats to the Plus crew on the win today. They're going all expenses paid to The Berrics in September for the Global Finals.

Plus Skate Shop Wins adidas Skate Copa

I like when someone picks up my camera an fires off a random shot or two. I found this one of HiDefJoe on there after Jeff Pool pressed the shutter.
Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe

When it's slow at registration, the singles come out.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

The Toyota Tundra and payload are on site at 6am to get the park set up for the day.

It's silent and still at 6am.

Body gets it done comfortable.
Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body

Bo's dad makes me think of The Exploited.
Profile: Bo Mitchell

adidas hooked it up with shoes for everyone in the Contest as usual.

A frontside tailslide into the bank.

A noseblunt slide into the bank.

Terence Williams goes the distance on the front truck.
Profile: Terence Williams

Thanks to all crews and crowds for coming out.

Flicks into the grass.

Thanks to the Kennesaw Mayor for coming by. He presented this board to Greyson Beal who is also from Kennesaw.
Profile: Greyson Beal

Don't be scared to kit up with a team uniform like Stratosphere.

We just got Jeremiah's Bender Hardware stuff in at The Boardr Store.
Profile: Jeremiah Babb

Pete Kelly about to stomp his tail. He's a grandpa! That pretty much cancels out any excuse you can come up with for not skateboarding.
Profile: Pete Kelly

Justin Bergeaux on a back blunt.
Profile: Justin Bergeaux

Jonah from Hazard gets your mouth watering between heats.
Profile: Maddock Owings

Rob Wootton on a feeble far and across.
Profile: Rob Wootton

Thanks to everyone shooting and filming.

The Boardr Live, our event management and live scoring app, runs everything behind the scenes, powers all the on site monitors, and provides instant results on your phone. I love the numbers too much.

Chad Poore on a front blunt.
Profile: Chad Poore

Rob Wootton on a kickflip backside tailslide.
Profile: Rob Wootton

Markus Jalaber on a front feeble to fakie.
Profile: Markus Jalaber

Alejandro Burnell on a lein to tail.
Profile: Alejandro Burnell

Zeke was everyone's favorite at this stop. That's a frontside flip.
Profile: Zeke Logan

Drop those balls to see the difference between Boost and all those regular shoe beds out there.

Everyone's favorite gets an award.
Profile: Zeke Logan

Yonis pulled some weight in his jam.
Profile: Yonis Molina

Rob needs no shirt, no socks, and has no problem.
Profile: Rob Wootton

Westside took 3rd at this stop.
Profile: TJ Sparks

Rukus ended up in second when the dust settled on the last head to head matchup.

Contrats to Plus for taking it at this stop and getting the all expenses paid trip to The Berrics for the Global Finals.
Profile: Chris Blake

Now it's time for the Boost the Bar Best Trick after the Contest. It's open to anyone and we always get to see some weird stuff go down over it.

Markus Jalaber, fakie flip.
Profile: Markus Jalaber

Chris Blake, nollie shuvit.
Profile: Chris Blake

Pete throwing out some three stripe gear. Hope you caught some.
Profile: Pete Eldridge

Zeke shut down the Boost the Bar.
Profile: Zeke Logan

Tim's ink is going straight to eBay.
Profile: Tim O'Connor

Thanks adidas for hooking it up at the after-party in Atlanta.

Selfies with Gonz!
Profile: Mark Gonzales

The Editor is leaving you with a special horizontal poster insert edition of The Mag featuring the most seasoned cover boy of the franchise.
Profile: Ryan Clements