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Grown Up Campers at Woodward East

Published 8/10/2013 by Rob Meronek

Ryan Clements and I spent just over 24 hours at Woodward Camp in the hills of Pennsylvania to re-visit this happy land that we haven't been to in about a decade. It went from awesome to mindblowing amazing in that time. From tons of new skate stuff to the addition of a Digital Media Camp for future filmers and photographers, it's off the charts for a good time combined with learning real skills you'll use for your whole life. I wish I could go there and start Code Camp. Thanks Gary Ream and the Woodward staff for having us. I've got two minutes of the experience as seen from my cell phone plus a few photos.


Waking up at Woodward Camp

A nice, foggy, and quiet view to wake up to.

VHS vs Books

Are books ever going to go the way of the vhs tape with all these e-readers and tablets coming out?

The Fog at Woodward Skateboard Camp

The fog in the mornings sure makes things seem fresh and clean.

Ryan Clements at Woodward Skateboard Camp

Ryan and I posted up with some campers before rolling out to skate.

Stretching at Woodward Skateboard Camp

Every morning at 9:30, everyone does stretching exercises. You're going to need it for all this pushing and snapping you're about to do all day.

ATVs at Woodward Skateboard Camp

The ATV's of the future are growing up here at Woodward Camp.

Jamie Foy at Woodward Skateboard Camp

Jamie Foy was here ripping as usual. He won the camper Street League contests they have here and now has a chance to compete in the legit Street League in New York in a couple weeks. See you there! That's a sidewinder front rock.

Street Plaza at Woodward Skateboard Camp

From street plazas to classic skatepark masonite stuff, there is everything you can imagine to skate here at Woodward.

Music at Woodward Skateboard Camp

I like how you're encouraged to use the props. There's a full music studio here where kids can record their work. I am coming back here to re-birth my rap career. It's been way too long since my last performance at The Hub.

The Scene at Woodward Skateboard Camp

If you get tired of skating, there's plenty of other traditional camp stuff to do.

Learn Skateboarding at Woodward Skateboard Camp

This is where you progressively learn to be a skateboarding ATV.

Go Carts at Woodward Skateboard Camp

In addition to traditional camp stuff like rope swings and swimming, there's also go carts. You can't get bored here.

Digital Media Camp at Woodward Skateboard Camp

The Digital Media Camp is just what I need at all ages of my life, not just as a kid. These kids are all being directly taught by experts in the field. I had to learn all this stuff from Google searches. They all put together an edit that gets shown at the end of Camp week for an awards ceremony.

Digital Media Camp Studio at Woodward Skateboard Camp

Digital Media Camp kids also have full access to a studio. Everything I need for my rap career is right here.

Snake Run at Woodward Skateboard Camp

You will have some fun in the snake run.

Gary Ream from Woodward Skateboard Camp

We finished our night at Gary's house with some cigars and drinks before heading out to the airport at 5am. Thanks again Gary and Woodward!

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Garrett Hill at Woodward: You, Me, We All Need to Go

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