The Best Contest Skateboarders of Today

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Boardr Global Rank is the skateboarding industry's most comprehensive and up to date ranking system made up of skateboarding competition results we track.

We track everything from contest results to Instagram and YouTube stats. If you like the spirit of friendly competition and numbers, here's a breakdown with the key people to watch in contest skateboarding.

Overall Street and Park Rankings

Nyjah and Luan continue to dominiate the Street Rankings in 1st (31,910 points) and 2nd (24,385 points) with Kelvin rising up to 3rd (17,220 points) over his last year of killing at all major events in 2015. An injury has him out of the ranks for a bit, but he's got a fairly solid spot in 3rd with Shane and Alec close behind in 4th (14,300 points) and 5th (13,535 points). Jereme Knibbs is the highest ranking amateur in 8th (12,380 points) after opening the year with several podium contest placings at both Damn Am and The Boardr Am. View the complete Street Ranking details here.

The Ups, Downs, and Outs

You'll generally find hungry ams at the top of the list of which skaters are stacking the most contest points. Marcos Montoya is one of the new ones on the list this month as he just swept it clean taking 1st in all events at The Boardr Am at Tampa. Jake Ilardi did the same thing in NYC the week prior. After Damn Am Brazil went down last month, we're seeing a lot of Brazilians new to the rankings this month, too. Zach Wallin is the top newly ranked skater from a 3rd place finish in X Games Real Street. Lucas Alves, also new to the ranks, was the winner of Damn Am Brazil, coming into the Global Ranks at 301st (800 points) for that finish. View the detailed list of Ups, Downs, and Outs here.

The Most Viewed Skateboarders on YouTube

If you claim you don't like contests and you're on any social network, guess what, you like contests. You're competing for likes and views and pick only the most polished version of yourself and your apparently 100% good times life to show off. Me personally, I'm getting kind of tired of it, but definitely still participate and find it fun sometimes. Anyway, before I get too far into a social media rat race rant, let's check the YouTube views stats.

Who is Brighton Zeuner? She's a regular on the Camp Woodward YouTube show so you'll find her at the top of the most recently viewed list. If you're a Brighton fan, you can meet her at Get Rad for Ray in Atlanta that we're running on June 19. In 2nd is Alex Sorgente recently featured in a Red Bull video with half a million views. Nuge's hill bomb video in LA that got picked up by mainstreat media after that whole skating in the highways thing got hot has him at over 400,000 views and sitting in 3rd. View the detailed list of most viewed YouTube skateboarders here.

The Most Active Parents on Instagram aka Preteen Rankings

Don't you have to be at least 13 to use Instagram? I don't know if these are the kids themselves or their parent managers or both. Top ranked in preteen followings is Jorge JP Garcia, aged 10, with 80k followers. He hasn't skated any major contests recently so he has no Global Ranking. View the detailed list of all top ranked preteen skateboarders on Instagram here.

Most Followed Teen Skaters on Instagram

If your parents are still managing your Instagram into your teens, is that the new version of living at home in your 30's? Not too many surprises in this list of top 10 below. View the detailed list of all top ranked teen skateboarders on Instagram here.

The Most Followed Females on Instagram

Leticia is quickly approaching a million followers, getting away with posting things that American culture can't handle in females. Her followers add up to as much as all the girls in the entire rankings. View the detailed list of all top ranked female skateboarders on Instagram here.

Beverage Brands With the Highest Ranking Skateboard Teams

Anywhere you find teens, you'll find brands trying to be down. In the last decade or so, liquids have poured into skateboarding. Below are the top four beverage brands in skateboarding. Nyjah and Shane keep Monster seated at the top.

Shoe Brands With the Highest Ranking Skateboard Teams

Let's wrap it up with shoes. Swoosh in the lead of course is no surprise. It sure is interesting to look all the way down the list, though. Check the full details on all shoe brands and their teams here.

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