Chill Cam Dumps from a Skateboard Party Weekend in Tampa

Porpe and I are both unloading our cameras that are filled with day and nightlife from the contest this weekend. It was nice to be around as a spectator instead of overworked madmen for the first time.

Chill Cam Dumps from a Skateboard Party Weekend in Tampa

Posted by Rob Meronek 9 years ago on March 2nd, 2014

Porpe and I are both unloading our cameras that are filled with day and nightlife from the contest this weekend. It was nice to be around as a spectator instead of overworked madmen for the first time.

Brad Staba and Erica Yary
Brad Staba Photo

Brad Staba and Erica Yary first thing in the morning, totally normal, un-turned up, just sitting there taking a photo all regular like a tourist. I got nothing to say here. This is why chill cam dumps are better after midnight.

Profile: Brad Staba
Stephen Oliveira Photographer

This is Stephen Oliveira who shot the super good Tampa Pro photos from yesterday. Thanks for the contribution, Stephen!

Chaz Ortiz in Tampa
Chaz Ortiz Photo

I thought Chaz had it for a while in the Finals. It's crazy that you can see a kickflip backside tailslide backside flip out in a run these days.

Profile: Chaz Ortiz
Curren Caples New to Monster
Curren Caples Photo

Curren Caples is the newest team rider for Monster. Check his welcome video here.

Profile: Curren Caples
Chuckie Wooder and Justin Zaragoza
Justin Zaragoza Photo

Chuckie and Justin Zaragoza barged for the best seats in the house.

Profile: Justin Zaragoza
Brad Cromer's Dad, LaMarr
Brad Cromer Photo

How proud are you with Brad Cromer being your son? This is LaMarr, Brad's dad that we've known since he started bringing Brad to am contests we were doing a decade ago.

Profile: Brad Cromer
Clive and Clem in Tampa
Ryan Clements Photo

Clive and Clements, both in the chill out tent, no work zone for this weekend. It was nice.

Profile: Ryan Clements
Andrea, Brittany, and Alvis Meronek
Alvis Meronek Photo

Babies of all types can enjoy any good old fashioned skateboard shindig.

Profile: Alvis Meronek
Charging for Parking in Tampa

Is this the first year the roach motel next door figured out that they can charge for parking?

Gear Check with RB
RB Umali Photo

This is pretty much the most gangster pause for a gear check ever done. RB's documenting with a Red.

Profile: RB Umali
Daryl Angel Shaqueefa
Daryl Angel Photo

Daryl was one of many with custom one of a kind Shaqueefa threads courtesy of Scotty the Body.

Profile: Daryl Angel
Foot Fetish Diamond Dunks

Pause for a foot fetish from an unstandard angle.

Shaqueefa Peremier at Body's
Scotty Conley aka The Body Photo

After the skateboard shindig, Body had another premiere of the Shaqueefa Mixtape 2 at his place. It was sitting room only.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body
Shaqueefa Peremier at Body's, Porpe Photo
Scotty Conley aka The Body Photo

Now I'm going through Porpe's chill cam dump. He used the fisheye all night and has quite a truckload of classic party flicks, starting with this one in Scotty's house for the Shaqueefa premiere.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body
Jaime Owens, Chris Troy, David, Porpe
Jorge Angel aka Porpe Photo

Now we're in Ybor for your standard sauce induced good times. Jaime Owens, Chris Troy, David, and Porpe. Porpe seemed to have his camera in other people's hands most of the night. That's how I like to run it sometimes.

Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Anthony Correa and Daryl Angel in Tampa
Daryl Angel Photo

Anthony Correa and Daryl Angel. This is one of many photos with Daryl in Porpe's camera.

Profile: Daryl Angel
Theotis Beasley in Tampa
Theotis Beasley Photo

Thee Thee in the corner with a tight crew.

Profile: Theotis Beasley
Ishod Wair Should Win Tampa
Ishod Wair Photo

Ishod Wair won both practice and nightlife.

Profile: Ishod Wair
Eric Koston Wins Nightlife Awards
Eric Koston Photo

Eric Koston wins nightlife awards, too.

Profile: Eric Koston
Scott Koerner, Rob Brink, Josh Friedburg, Rob Meronek
Rob Meronek Photo

In the grown ups circle with Scott Koerner from Dakine, Rob Brink from the internet, Josh Friedburg also from the internet, and me, Rob Meronek, definitely from the internet.

Profile: Rob Meronek
Rob Meronek, Dylan Perry, Jereme Knibbs
Jereme Knibbs Photo

Amelia has Porpe's camera right now and I'm making her go around the room and shoot a photo with me and everyone in here to make it look like I should be winning nightlife when in reality I snuck out shortly after midnight, putting me in DFL as far as the raging goes. Dylan Perry and Jereme Knibbs with the 2003 OG.

Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Steezus Christ in Tampa

I have to get one in with Steezus Christ.

Nice Job, Bro


Peter from Beats by Dre

Peter from Beats by Dre. I'm stilling running all that gear daily that you hooked up last year.

John Cummings Party Award

Another contender for first place in partying is John Cummings.

HiDefJoe and Curren Caples
Curren Caples Photo

HiDefJoe and Curren Caples. No one in this photo is working right now. Nice.

Profile: Curren Caples
Louie Lopez in Tampa
Louie Lopez Photo

The last time Louie Lopez saw me, I was the drunkest I've ever been in my life. I was in much better shape this time.

Profile: Louie Lopez
Alec Majerus in Tampa
Alec Majerus Photo

I wonder if those X's worked with Alec Majerus.

Profile: Alec Majerus
Amelia and Daryl Angel

Amelia is finally on the other side of the camera now.

Jorge and Eric Koston
Eric Koston Photo

Porpe and Koston could be tied for winning nightlife right now.

Profile: Eric Koston
Porpe and the Locals
Uncle Sam Bellipanni Photo

Porpe and the locals.

Profile: Uncle Sam Bellipanni
Porpe and More Locals
Treshan Oshaughnessy Photo

Porpe and more locals. If you don't have a hand gesture to throw up in your party photo, the wide open mouth is definitely just as kewl.

Profile: Treshan Oshaughnessy
Steve Buggica and the Shaqueefa Crew
Pat Stiener Photo

PJ, Jata, Buggica, Body, Stiener, and a dude who I had a full conversation with about how we forget names. Yep, forgot your name again. Damn.

Profile: Pat Stiener
Shaqueefa Crew Shots
Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe Photo

Shots are a mandatory trick in your run to get your first place in nightlife.

Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe
DJ Qeys

DJ Qeys making everyone jump.

Louie Lopez Wins Nightlife
Louie Lopez Photo

You don't need booze to win nightlife, just photos like this.

Profile: Louie Lopez
Danny Cerezini Wins Nightlife
Danilo Cerezini Photo

The open shirt is another one in the bag of tricks to win you first in nightlife. Danny Cerezini looks like a natural.

Profile: Danilo Cerezini
Foot Fetish Nightlife

Another foot fetish from a non-standard angle with Sierra. I was long gone at this point. I wonder what was going on right here?

Danny Cerezini and Ian Deacon
Danilo Cerezini Photo

There's history in this photo. You know it?

Profile: Danilo Cerezini
White Guy Gang Symbols
Jaime Owens Photo

Jaime and Jake are bucking the trend in party photo poses here.

Profile: Jaime Owens
Shaqueefa CEO
Scotty Conley aka The Body Photo

The founder, chairman, and CEO of an exploding clothing company can usually be found in this position.

Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body
Vincent Alvarez and Stevie Perez
Stevie Perez Photo

Vincent Alvarez and Stevie Perez guided through the streets of Ybor with resident expert nightlife tour guide, Daryl Angel.

Profile: Stevie Perez
Porpe Ybor Selfies
Ishod Wair Photo

Porpe had stacks of Oscar style selfies like this.

Profile: Ishod Wair
HiDefJoe Makeout
Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe Photo

Looks like the photo Rob Brink had to delete.

Profile: Joe Pelham aka HiDefJoe
Dylan Perry Disapproves
Dylan Perry Photo

Dylan Perry disapproves.

Profile: Dylan Perry
Ratchet Rob Backs It
Robby Kirkland Photo

Ratchet Rob backs it, though.

Profile: Robby Kirkland

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