Product Placement: IVI Vision

Posted by Rob Meronek on Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today a box of IVI shades arrived at The Boardr offices. An old friend of ours that we've worked with in the past through DC's King of series, Brian Garafalow, is now in marketing at Rob Dyrdek's top quality eyewear company. Brian hooked it up with a few different styles. Top quality is definitely the first thing you think when you open a box of IVI's. Check them out below. We're also giving away a pair on The Boardr Instagram account. I'm feeling those Sepulveda's. Find out more about IVI on their website. Man, I sure miss retail. We should start a shop. Watch for more Product Placement features as we get stuff in here.

When we're in battleship work mode at The Boardr roundtable on a variety of projects, it's proper to have your poker face set with IVI's. Shades indoors all day and even into the night.

The Boardr offices are in the hood of Ybor City. I wonder how long it would take for these to get swiped up. The Sepulveda's are attractive hater blockers.

How can you not two finger point and shoulder bounce when you just got hooked up with a pair of IVI's? Porpe and Bob are at The Boardr office entrance cool guying you.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Head over to The Boardr Instagram and leave a comment to win a pair of IVI's we've got for you. Run them strong like Bob when you're in the chill out tent. Thanks IVI for hooking it up!
Profile: Bob Freeman