How Nyjah Huston Lost to Nassim Guammaz in South Africa

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, October 9, 2014

Half way through the 3 minute jam, you could hear the crowd getting more and more live as it became apparent that Nassim had a chance of beating Nyjah in their first head to head bracket. Then the crowd started chanting for Nassim. After the last minute of the jam with both skaters getting in their bangers, it was Nassim on top by just 1.33 points to advance. When it was announced, the crowd went nuts. Nyjah smiled and congratulated Nassim for knocking him out of the brackets. In the end, Kelvin who didn't have to skate against Nyjah because of that, ended up winning the $100k. The tricks here are just a small sample of what went down. HiDefJoe is only one person filming these two rippers.