Copper Run at Coppertail Brewery

Posted by Rob Meronek on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Starting off the night with a large pop shuv.
Profile: Cash Gaddes

Rad to see a Tampa Bro shirt out in the wild.

Beau Haines was on the scene.
Profile: Beau Haines

Noseblunt from Michael Premet.
Profile: Michael Premet

Not a bad view to have some dinner and a beer.

Stoked to have Boards for Bros on the scene.

These two dudes spend the same amount of time in the Sky Club.
Profile: Ryan Clements

It was a beautiful day for a skateboard contest.

Jake really wanted this photo.
Profile: Jake Yanko

Proper back smith from Keenen.
Profile: Keenan Lewis

Alex Calo and Atom Blanford both took come Coppertail boards just for ripping.
Profile: Alex Calo

Our boy Tyler Hunger didn't go home empty handed.
Profile: Tyler Hunger

Keenan Lewis, Jake Yanko, and Michael Premet took home the top 3 spots this evening. Thanks to Coppertail for having us.
Profile: Keenan Lewis