Copenhagen Open 2017

Posted by Rob Meronek on Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Boardr Staff Photographer Chaz Miley joined us this year at Copenhagen Open. What a place to get your first passport stamp and experience your first Euro skateboarding shindig. He's got a set of images that take us right back to the best week in skateboarding. Can't wait to be back.

First stop is Christiania for a beer with Stefan Janoski.
Profile: Stefan Janoski

Cookie with the transfer from high to low. This is the Wonderland Bowl in Christiania.
Profile: Chris Colbourn

Caught Gino just walking around the city.
Profile: Gino Iannucci

After getting settled in, it's straight to work at the first event of the week. Sign ups for the Am contest were a bit hectic, but all good. Thanks to everyone that skated.
Profile: Woody Hoogendijk

Seating was a bit hard to come by at some of the events.

Midler with the flick front board.
Profile: Alex Midler

Back tail from Zion.
Profile: Zion Wright

Congrats to Vincent for taking home first in the Am contest. Tuborg cheers.
Profile: Vincent Milou

Things got a little hectic the bowl.
Profile: Ishod Wair

The judges had the best seat in the house.
Profile: Daniel Vargas

Ishod going frontside over the hip in the world's most crowded bowl.
Profile: Ishod Wair

As Clem would say, "squad!"
Profile: Ryan Clements

All of Copenhagen is a skatepark and James took advantage of it.
Profile: James Craig

Filipe mid nollie flip crook at the next contest spot, some tennis and basketball courts that we took over for a few hours.
Profile: Felipe Gustavo

Yuri Facchini should really make up a new name for this because I don't think kick flip shifty really cuts it. Kickflip shiftyier?
Profile: Yuri Facchini

Ishod really does stand out in a crowd.
Profile: Ishod Wair

Crowd favorite Franky Villani with the backside boneless.
Profile: Franky Villani

The rare Tom Penny sighting.
Profile: Tom Penny

Tory sent this back tail all the way out.
Profile: Torey Pudwill

Stefan kept giving me this look. Not sure why.
Profile: Stefan Janoski

Young G's.
Profile: Kevin Bradley

Just a small amount of the people that came out to watch the contest.

Zion with the kickflip at a pit stop between main events.
Profile: Zion Wright

Blake going the distance. This is clear across town where this entire crowd got on bikes and navigated here.
Profile: Blake Johnson

Matt Berger in full Copenhagen mode.
Profile: Matt Berger

Axel with a gnarly nose grind at the next stop in the city.
Profile: Axel Cruysberghs

Kevin Baekkel, frontside air over the channel.
Profile: Kevin Baekkel

A megaphone is the last thing this guy needs.
Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe

Some rain had us chilling.
Profile: Ryan Clements

Roman Pabich with the invert in Christiania.
Profile: Roman Pabich

Only in Copenhagen do we get to give out a sack of weed for prizes and drink beer while we announce.
Profile: Tim O'Connor

Hi-Tech Rob was on the scene all week.
Profile: Rob Meronek

I'm not too sure how TJ did this switch flip back tail in the rain but he made it look effortless.
Profile: TJ Rogers

So many hip sacks.

Luan Oliveira, ollie over the bump.
Profile: Luan Oliveira

Vincent boostin' a kick flip lip.
Profile: Vincent Milou

Boo with the perfectly pinched 5-0.
Profile: Boo Johnson

Chris Pfanner was chilling around all week.
Profile: Chris Pfanner

Sewa Kroetkov, nose grind.
Profile: Sewa Kroetkov

Front pinch from Jamie Foy.
Profile: Jamie Foy

Just some real G's in an inflatable row boat.
Profile: Kevin Bradley

Foy with the 360 flip.
Profile: Jamie Foy

TJ with the switch front 360.
Profile: TJ Rogers

The old Copenhagen hand shake.
Profile: Jereme Knibbs

No we're at the Copenhagen Skatepark. Kevin Bradley, 360 flip.
Profile: Kevin Bradley

Front shuv 50-50 from Ishod.
Profile: Ishod Wair

Rob loves free socks!
Profile: Rob Meronek

Sean Malto, front crook.
Profile: Sean Malto

Biebel carrying the only 6 pack I care about.
Profile: Brandon Biebel

Flick back 50-50 from Kevin.
Profile: Kevin Bradley

Felipe, nollie crook.
Profile: Felipe Gustavo

Alex Olson trying to take 1st in the Death Race.
Profile: Alex Olson

Dennis Busenitz coming in hot.
Profile: Dennis Busenitz

Mason Silva taking home 1st in the Death Race.
Profile: Mason Silva

Blake taking home 2k with the eight barrel jump in the Element Barrel Jump Contest.
Profile: Blake Johnson

Clem in all his glory.
Profile: Ryan Clements

First goes on the bump to bar were a little hectic. This was the grand finale.

Chris Cole with the rare no smoke in your face 3 flip.
Profile: Chris Cole

Paul Heart, backside heelflip.
Profile: Paul Hart

Skating's done, it's a party!
Profile: Raven Tershy

Nora is pro at partying.
Profile: Nora Vasconcellos

Sometimes you just need to burn some skateboards.

Cooking socks.

One of the men behind the madness.
Profile: William Frederiksen

Thanks William, Simon, and Keld for having us here year after year.
Profile: Keld Aabjoern