Austin England, A Chat With a Talented Tampa Transplant

Posted by Rob Meronek on Friday, February 14, 2014

Austin England did the illustrations for The Boardr Store. He's yet another Tampa transplant that is getting a foothold in working in the skateboarding industry out in Los Angeles. Austin's artwork has always been some of our favorite among this great community of artists that skateboarding attracts. I asked him a few questions about his move to LA and how that's going. Are you thinking of diving into California living? Hear some words from Austin about it and check out some of his work here.

So you moved from Florida to California. Now that you've been there a couple years, what would you say is different than what you expected it to be? Got any advice to other younger kids thinking of doing the big move from east to west?

Crazy to think I have been out here for two years, time flies. I would say to anyone that's trying to make a move in life to do it. You never know where it will take you its a great growing experience, just dont lose your focus. If you have the desire to do it, then run with it. I didn't really know what to expect moving out here. Everyday is an amazing adventure. Thats why I guess I'm so interested in being out here. It's been a wild ride but it's still so new, there is so much more to see and do out here. I have just begun on my expedition.

Your work stands out for sure. Besides your work itself, what other things have you found that help with getting work in the art and skate community? Is networking and social media and all that stuff as important as the "business grown ups" say it is?

Honeslty, I have no idea haha. It's been a really organic journey for my art work and friendships so far. Networking is always good but the friendships built from those experiences are what matter and make great work happen. I always try an make a friendship before business, it keeps the creating process inspiring. As for social media, it's a hit or miss. I just produce and share what I feel is stimulating for me and people viewing it. I think what's important is to keep doing what you love no matter the risks or the trial and error that comes with life and your passion. As for getting work, it's not always so easy. It's a hustle and you have to go get it yourself. Be patient, draw Forever, Always Shred! It's totally worth it to chase your dreams.

Are you going to stay in California for the time being or are you going to end up back in Florida like a lot of our other Florida transplant friends?

Florida is great, but as of now I'm planning on staying in LA. It's a good hustle out here and so inspiring. I am currently in a good place with a great community of friends and experiences. But, who knows where my art an life will take me. One of my dreams is to end up in Barcelona. I'm a traveler at heart and don't know where I'm headed but I am going there.

Thanks again Austin for the work on our site and the chat about changing coasts. He has a couple shows coming up:

  • Salad Days in Cardiff Whales, England curated by Philip Morgan in March at The Modern Alchemist Gallery.
  • Chilled Air curated by Austin England and Luke Pelletier in June at
Check out some of his work below and catch Austin on Insta here.

If you're going to paddleboard on land with a skateboard, you should use a dagger to push with like this to stab the eyes out of the beaming haters.

How would you like to be so on point that you can double fist with one hand, balancing the backup sauce on your head? All while on a bike that you're not old enough to reach the pedals on yet.

What kinds of things would you get hit by in a stoner storm? Flying video game controllers and a fierce dust cloud of Cheetos would likely be in the weather forecast.

If the old OCD kicks in post stoner storm, you might find your place extra organized like this pyramid of life's best sins.

Some work in progress. I like the New York pieces.

I'm sure some good inspiration comes from the sidekick. Even K9's are moving from Tampa to California. What are you waiting for?

Some sketches and drafts for The Boardr Store.

Digitize it.

The before and after with my inner child drawings on the left made legit by Austin on the right. Thanks again for helping us out, Austin.