Van Doren Invitational at Huntington Beach

July 26 - August 2, 2014

This is Vans' annual bowl jam in the sands of Huntington Beach. We've got full details, schedule, and more here.

This is Vans' annual bowl jam in the sands of Huntington Beach.

Live and Instant Results

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Live Webcast

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Van Doren Invitational Webcast 2014

Saturday, July 26

  • 12pm - 5pm: Shop Battle Practice and Registration

Sunday, July 27

  • 12pm - 2pm: Shop Battle Practice and Registration
  • 2pm - 5pm: Shop Battle Contest

Monday, July 28

  • 12 noon – 3 pm: Industry Skate Day + Womens Practice & Registration
  • 3 pm – 6 pm: Womens Practice & Registration

Tuesday, July 29

Wednesday, July 30

  • 2pm - 6pm: Invitational Practice and Registration

Thursday, July 31

  • 2pm - 6pm: Invitational Practice and Registration

Friday, August 1

  • 2pm - 4pm: Invitational Practice and Registration
  • 4pm - 6pm: Invitational Qualifiers

Saturday, August 2

  • 11am - 3pm: Invitational Practice and Registration
  • 3:15pm - 4:45pm: Invitational Semi-Finals
    • 5 jams, 4 skaters, 12 minutes each, 3 minutes between each jam
    • Top 10 overall advance to Finals
    • All jams start with an intro run - skate until you fall - up to 40 seconds
    • Judges choose 2 Wild Cards to advance to Finals
    • View skaters in the Semi-Finals with live results here
  • 4:45pm - 5:40pm: Invitational Finals
    • 4 jams, 3 skaters, 10 minutes each, 3 minutes between each jam
    • Jams start with an intro run - skate until you fall - up to 40 seconds
    • Results for the Finals will be announced on site and on the webcast at the Awards Ceremony
  • 5:40pm - 6pm: Cardiel Cash
  • 6pm: Awards

Addtional Judging Info

  • Any 540 spin (or more) with a grab that consists of take-off and landing on the same wall, counts for ZERO points.
  • No grab 540’s and any 540 (or more) with take-off and landing on different walls counts as normal.
  • All scores based on overall impression.

Social Media and Coverage

Use the hashtags #vandoreninvitational and #vansusopen and follow @vansskate and @theboardr for updates, results, and more information as VDI happens.Check back right here for video coverage from Ride Channel on our show, On The Boardr.

$100,000 Prize Purse

PlaceInvitationalWomen'sShop Battle
1st$25,000$5,0001st Team: $3,000
2nd15,0003,0002nd Team: 2,000
3rd10,0002,5001st Individual: 1,000
  • Random Cash for Tricks: $1,000
  • Cardiel Cash: $2,000
  • G-Shock Never Blend In Award: $1,000
  • G-Shock Never Blend In Award, Women's: $1,000

The Bowl

Van Doren Invitational Huntington 2014 Bowl

Van Doren Invitational 2014 at US Open

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