The Boardr Am at NYC

The Boardr Am at NYC

June 3, 2017

New York, New York

This Event Has Passed

The Boardr Am is a top amateur skateboarding series. Winners at each stop are flown to the Finals to meet other specially invited ams. We'll have details on the rest of the stops and the Series Finals stop real soon.


LES Skatepark, 62 Pike Street New York, New York

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The schedule at every stop for The Boardr Am is the same. We run things on time and publish the Jams on @TheBoardr Insta and Twitter the night before.

    • 12pm - 6pm: Registration, Practice, Check-In
    • 5pm: Start List Posted (on website, Insta @TheBoardr, Twitter @TheBoardr)
    • 9am - 11am: Registration, Practice, Check-In
    • 11am: Qualifiers in Jam Format
      • Three skater jams, three minutes each
      • Top 18 make the cut to the Semi-Finals
    • 3pm: Semi-Finals in Jam Format
      • Three skater jams, three minutes each
      • Top six make the cut to the Finals
    • 4pm: Finals in Runs Format
      • Three, one minute runs, best counts
    • 5pm: Awards
      • Winner as well as top placing NYC skater gets all expenses paid to compete in The Boardr Am Series Finals at Empire Am Getting Paid in Montreal with a $20,000USD Prize Purse
      • The Zumiez Destroyer Award goes to The Boardr Am favorite at each stop, coming from anything having to do with ripping skating, style, side antics, or just overall killing it
      • Special thanks to our friends at Zumiez for helping with The Boardr Am travel expenses
    • Rain Day

Questions about format? Click here to see details on Jams vs Runs format.

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The Boardr Am Skateboarding Series

It Was Austyn Gillette's Idea

We had a good time making this video announcing The Boardr Am last year with Austyn Gillette. Thanks for watching. Austyn, thanks for the great advice!

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Meet the Event Staff

The Boardr Staff has decades of experience in executing top quality large and small events in our industry. Introduce yourself and hit us up with any questions or help you need.

Ryan Clements from Tampa FL Skateboarder Profile

Ryan Clements, Event Coordinator

Dylan Perry from Tampa FL Skateboarder Profile

Dylan Perry, Event Assistant, Registration

Rodney Torres from Queens NY Skateboarder Profile

Rodney Torres, Announcer

Casey Wayne from Pickens SC Skateboarder Profile

Casey Wayne, Logistics

Pat Stiener from Lakeland FL Skateboarder Profile

Pat Stiener, Head Judge

Dan Pensyl from Brooklyn NY Skateboarder Profile

Dan Pensyl, Judge

Chaz Miley from Columbus GA Skateboarder Profile

Chaz Miley, Photography

The Boardr Events List

This is a list of events that The Boardr is associated with. To see our full industry events list, click here.

With headquarters in Tampa, Florida, The Boardr hosts worldwide, top quality skateboarding competitions and events. From coordinating top international contest series like the Vans Pro Skate Park Series, fun and ripping pro contests like Copenhagen Open, to plenty of local events like the Grind for Life Series in Florida (which recently expanded to national), you'll find us in your backyard soon no matter where on the globe you push your wood and wheels.

Recurring Events
  • Weekdays noon to 5pm at The Boardr HQ Tampa: Free skating in our private indoor warehouse.
  • Last Tuesday of Every Month 5pm to 9pm at The Boardr HQ Tampa: Frontside Grind Tuesdays, free skating for ages 30 and up.

Upcoming Events

Krooked Video Premiere of LSD at The Boardr HQ

It's on!

November 25, 2017, Tampa, Florida

LSD : Let's Skate dude! A brand new full length skate video featuring the Krooked team. We're showing at 6pm here at The Boardr HQ. Full Details

Air + Style, Los Angeles

4 Months Away

March 3 - 4, 2018, Los Angeles, California

We will be hosting an invite-only, transition-based contest at this year’s Air + Style. The event will also feature two main stages with 20+ musical acts. Full Details

Florida Virtual School Presents Jump the Creek Benefiting Grind for Life

5 Months Away

April 7, 2018, Gainesville, Florida

Jump the Creek is a day of fun skateboarding events at Possum Creek. We'll have full details on this one coming soon. Full Details

The Boardr Am at New York City

7 Months Away

June 2, 2018, New York City, New York

The Boardr Am is a top amateur skateboarding series. Winners at each stop are flown to the Finals to meet other specially invited ams. Full Details

Harold Hunter Day

7 Months Away

June 3, 2018, New York City, New York

A day of celebrating the life and times of the late, great Harold Hunter. Full Details

Empire Am Getting Paid - The Boardr Am Finals

10 Months Away

September 28 - 29, 2018, Montreal, Canada

For the second year, Am Getting Paid is hosting The Boardr Am Finals. Winners of each stop at The Boardr Am now get a trip to Montreal and a chance at the $20,000 prize purse here. Full Details

Grind for Life Annual Awards Presented by Marinela

12 Months Away

November 8, 2018, Tampa, Florida

The Annual Awards where we honor the top skaters in each division of Grind for Life. Full Details

Best Trick at The Boardr HQ

12 Months Away

November 8, 2018, Tampa, Florida

A best trick open to anyone, including all our friends in town for Tampa Am. We'll have full details and the schedule soon. Full Details