Skate Free Miami Open Mens Street Qualifiers Results

6 days ago on November 21st, 2020

An annual street and park contest at Lot 11 in Miami.

5 Countries Represented in this Event

Skateboarders from United States
32 from USA
Skateboarders from Chile
2 from CHI
Skateboarders from Brazil
2 from BRA
Skateboarders from Venezuela
1 from VEN
Skateboarders from France
1 from FRA


Just for fun and the love of numbers...

38 Riders
284,003 Insta Followers
19 Regular, 50.00%
15 Goofy, 39.47%
Most Insta Followers:
Zion Effs from Miami Florida
Most YouTube Views:
Zion Effs from Miami Florida