Contest Results: <!-- -->Trikkestallen Norway XMAS Jam Street Open Finals

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Results: Trikkestallen Norway XMAS Jam Street Open Finals

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Petter Brunvatne

1st: Petter Brunvatne

Norway, Age 19

Richard Tury

2nd: Richard Tury

Slovakia, Age 26

Simen Haegeland

3rd: Simen Haegeland

Norway, Age 18

Jonas Carlsson

4th: Jonas Carlsson

Norway, Age: ?

Elias Heitmann

5th: Elias Heitmann

Norway, Age 16

Daniel Knutzen

6th: Daniel Knutzen

Norway, Age 17

Gard Hvaara

7th: Gard Hvaara

Norway, Age 22

Markus Aleksander Wulff

8th: Markus Aleksander Wulff

Norway, Age 22

Tarjei Thomassen

9th: Tarjei Thomassen

Norway, Age 21

Jonas Larsen

10th: Jonas Larsen

Norway, Age 18

Elias Nilsen

11th: Elias Nilsen

Norway, Age 17

VI Duc Truong

12th: VI Duc Truong

Norway, Age 30

Fredrik Tangerud

13th: Fredrik Tangerud

Norway, Age: ?

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