Contest Results: <!-- -->World Skate OI STU Open Womens Park Open Qualifiers

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Results: World Skate OI STU Open Womens Park Open Qualifiers

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Jordyn Barratt

1st: Jordyn Barratt

USA, Age 20

Taniah Meyers

2nd: Taniah Meyers

Australia, Age 19

Brighton Zeuner

3rd: Brighton Zeuner

USA, Age 15

Madeleine Larcheron

4th: Madeleine Larcheron

France, Age 13

Nicole Hause

5th: Nicole Hause

USA, Age 22

Julia Benedetti Gonzalez

6th: Julia Benedetti Gonzalez

Spain, Age 15

Victoria Bassi

7th: Victoria Bassi

Brazil, Age 12

Amelia Brodka

8th: Amelia Brodka

Poland, Age 30

Lilly Stoephasius

9th: Lilly Stoephasius

Germany, Age 12

Doris Jiayi Lou

10th: Doris Jiayi Lou

China, Age 16

Minna Stess

11th: Minna Stess

USA, Age 13

Evelyn Enriquez

12th: Evelyn Enriquez

Argentina, Age 26

Erica Leguizamon

13th: Erica Leguizamon

Brazil, Age 12

Camila Borges

14th: Camila Borges

Brazil, Age 23

Bia Sodre

15th: Bia Sodre

Brazil, Age 24

Lucrezia Zarattini

16th: Lucrezia Zarattini

Italy, Age 16

Bombette Martin

17th: Bombette Martin

United Kingdom, Age 13

Amar Hadid

18th: Amar Hadid

Australia, Age 21

Mecu Paula Videla

19th: Mecu Paula Videla

Argentina, Age 30

Leticia Goncalves

20th: Leticia Goncalves

Brazil, Age 21

Nyimas Bunga Cinta

21st: Nyimas Bunga Cinta

Indonesia, Age 16

Fay Ebert

22nd: Fay Ebert

Canada, Age 9

Emily Antunes

23rd: Emily Antunes

Brazil, Age 19

Valeria Bertaccini

24th: Valeria Bertaccini

Italy, Age 26

Josefina Tapia

25th: Josefina Tapia

Chile, Age 17

Veronica Zamudio

26th: Veronica Zamudio

Mexico, Age 29

Maite Steenhoudt

27th: Maite Steenhoudt

Belgium, Age 20

Liliya Sukhankova

28th: Liliya Sukhankova

Russian Federation, Age: ?

Alishia Stevens

29th: Alishia Stevens

USA, Age 25

Ana Julia Santos Theodoro

30th: Ana Julia Santos Theodoro

Brazil, Age 21

Asta Xin Zhang

31st: Asta Xin Zhang

China, Age 21

Charlotte Heath

32nd: Charlotte Heath

Australia, Age 12

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