Contest Results: <!-- -->Street League World Championships Sao Paulo Womens Semi Finals

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Results: Street League World Championships Sao Paulo Womens Semi Finals

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Mariah Duran

1st: Mariah Duran

USA, Age 22

Pamela Rosa

2nd: Pamela Rosa

Brazil, Age 20

Rayssa Leal

3rd: Rayssa Leal

Brazil, Age 11

Yumeka Oda

4th: Yumeka Oda

Japan, Age 12

Aori Nishimura

5th: Aori Nishimura

Japan, Age 18

Candy Jacobs

6th: Candy Jacobs

Netherlands, Age 29

Alexis Sablone

7th: Alexis Sablone

USA, Age 33

Gabi Mazetto

8th: Gabi Mazetto

Brazil, Age 22

Virginia Fortes Águas

9th: Virginia Fortes Águas

Brazil, Age 12

Roos Zwetsloot

10th: Roos Zwetsloot

Netherlands, Age 19

Momiji Nishiya

11th: Momiji Nishiya

Japan, Age 12

Wenhui Zeng aka ZOE

12th: Wenhui Zeng aka ZOE

China, Age 13

Keet Oldenbeuving

13th: Keet Oldenbeuving

Netherlands, Age 15

Isabelly Avila

14th: Isabelly Avila

Brazil, Age 15

Margielyn Arda Didal

15th: Margielyn Arda Didal

Philippines, Age 20

Isabelle Menezes

16th: Isabelle Menezes

Brazil, Age 18

Kotone Nishimura

17th: Kotone Nishimura

Japan, Age 20

Hayley Wilson

18th: Hayley Wilson

Australia, Age 17

Kaya Isa

19th: Kaya Isa

Japan, Age 18

Samarria Brevard

20th: Samarria Brevard

USA, Age 25

Ariadne de Souza Silveira

21st: Ariadne de Souza Silveira

Brazil, Age 17

Karen Feitosa

22nd: Karen Feitosa

Brazil, Age 28

Marina Gabriela

23rd: Marina Gabriela

Brazil, Age 16

Funa Nakayama

24th: Funa Nakayama

Japan, Age 14

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