Contest Results: <!-- -->Red Bull Cornerstone - 2019 Qualifier - The Bay - Mens Prelims

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Results: Red Bull Cornerstone - 2019 Qualifier - The Bay - Mens Prelims

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Jeff Fowler

1st: Jeff Fowler

Age 26, @Jefff_fowler

Global Ranking: 2,360

Mason Elsasser

2nd: Mason Elsasser

Age 24, @moistmust

Global Ranking: 2,020

Travis Fowler

3rd: Travis Fowler

Age 24, @Travisfowler_

Global Ranking: 1,047

Logan Cook

4th: Logan Cook

Age 20, @ayoologancook

Global Ranking: 1,171

Lee Osterholt

5th: Lee Osterholt

Age: ?

Global Ranking: 2,090

Landon Barnhart

6th: Landon Barnhart

Age 24, @landon_gray77

Global Ranking: 604

Scottie Laird

7th: Scottie Laird

Age 31, @goinscottylaird

Global Ranking: 1,424

Blaine Harper

8th: Blaine Harper

Age: ?, @Blaine_harper69

Global Ranking: 2,214

Greg Fountain

9th: Greg Fountain

Age 29

Global Ranking: 11,356

Jordan R Haxton

10th: Jordan R Haxton

Age: ?

Global Ranking: 11,356

Kris Jordan

11th: Kris Jordan

Age 24

Global Ranking: 8,515

Kayden Linner

12th: Kayden Linner

Age: ?

Global Ranking: 12,686

Parker Smith

13th: Parker Smith

Age 18, @nofootydidnthappen

Global Ranking: 3,774

Jonny Cruz

14th: Jonny Cruz

Age: ?

Global Ranking: 5,965

Dawson Eldorado

15th: Dawson Eldorado

Age 24

Global Ranking: 2,804

Matt Greenlee

16th: Matt Greenlee

Age 22

Global Ranking: 11,547

Nick Godinez

17th: Nick Godinez

Age: ?

Global Ranking: 12,686

Andrew J Thompson

18th: Andrew J Thompson

Age 27, @wandering_drew

Global Ranking: 6,666

Chris Menges

19th: Chris Menges

Age 20, @Chrismenges

Global Ranking: 10,697

Jacob A Kelley

20th: Jacob A Kelley

Age: ?

Global Ranking: 14,900

Grainger Browne

21st: Grainger Browne

Age: ?

Global Ranking: 8,094

Kamani Osorio

22nd: Kamani Osorio

Age 21, @ososteezyy

Global Ranking: 4,926

Christian Turbes

23rd: Christian Turbes

Age: ?

Wolow Savage

24th: Wolow Savage

Age 18

Global Ranking: 11,356

Isaih Fankhauser

25th: Isaih Fankhauser

Age: ?, @IsaihFankhauser

Martin Ramos

26th: Martin Ramos

Age: ?

Larry McAfee

27th: Larry McAfee

Age 22, @Larrls

Arthur Paugh

28th: Arthur Paugh

Age: ?

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