Contest Results: <!-- -->CPH Open: Keld&#39;s X Games at the Harbour Qualifiers

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Results: CPH Open: Keld's X Games at the Harbour Qualifiers

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Luan Oliveira

1st: Luan Oliveira

Brazil, Age 28

Alec Majerus

2nd: Alec Majerus

USA, Age 24

Alexander Risvad

3rd: Alexander Risvad

Denmark, Age 24

Blake Johnson

4th: Blake Johnson

USA, Age 27

Jared Cleland

5th: Jared Cleland

USA, Age 24

Jack Olson

6th: Jack Olson

USA, Age 24

Zach Kovacs aka Ducky

7th: Zach Kovacs aka Ducky

USA, Age 24

Lui Elliott

8th: Lui Elliott

USA, Age 25

Tobias Christoffersen

9th: Tobias Christoffersen

Denmark, Age 22

Dashawn Jordan

10th: Dashawn Jordan

USA, Age 22

John Dilorenzo

11th: John Dilorenzo

USA, Age 25

Dlamini Dlamini

12th: Dlamini Dlamini

South Africa, Age 26

Ish Cepeda

13th: Ish Cepeda

USA, Age 24

Kevin White

14th: Kevin White

USA, Age 25

Zach Allen

15th: Zach Allen

USA, Age 20

Ville Wester

16th: Ville Wester

Denmark, Age 21

Dario Mattarollo

17th: Dario Mattarollo

Argentina, Age 28

Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg

18th: Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg

Sweden, Age 22

Diego Fiorese

19th: Diego Fiorese

Italy, Age 31

Nicolai Minde

20th: Nicolai Minde

Denmark, Age 27

Zenildo Guilherme

21st: Zenildo Guilherme

Portugal, Age 22

Mason Silva

22nd: Mason Silva

USA, Age 22

Karsten Kleppan

23rd: Karsten Kleppan

Norway, Age 28

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