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Results: Vans BMX Pro Cup Spain

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Chase Hawk

1st: Chase Hawk

USA, Age 32

Dennis Enarson

2nd: Dennis Enarson

USA, Age 27

Corey Walsh

3rd: Corey Walsh

Canada, Age 24

Gary Young

4th: Gary Young

USA, Age 35

Boyd Hilder

5th: Boyd Hilder

Australia, Age 22

Larry Edgar

6th: Larry Edgar

USA, Age 25

Pat Casey

7th: Pat Casey

USA, Age 24

Kevin Peraza

8th: Kevin Peraza

USA, Age 24

Matt Cordova

9th: Matt Cordova

USA, Age 28

Alex Haim

10th: Alex Haim

Australia, Age: ?

Paul Thoelen

11th: Paul Thoelen

Germany, Age 19

Kris Fox

12th: Kris Fox

USA, Age 25

Sem Kok

13th: Sem Kok

Netherlands, Age 22

Jason Watts

14th: Jason Watts

Australia, Age 25

Chris James

15th: Chris James

Australia, Age 27

Alejandro Loya Ibarra

16th: Alejandro Loya Ibarra

Mexico, Age 20

Jayden Mucha

17th: Jayden Mucha

USA, Age 16

Matty Cranmer

18th: Matty Cranmer

USA, Age 21

Miguel Cuesta

19th: Miguel Cuesta

Spain, Age 30

Cody Pollard

20th: Cody Pollard

Australia, Age 28

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