Contest Results: <!-- -->Tampa Pro Industry Bowl Jam

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Results: Tampa Pro Industry Bowl Jam

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Thomas Kring

1st: Thomas Kring

Denmark, Age 44

Eric Dressen

2nd: Eric Dressen

USA, Age 51

Garrett Orseno

3rd: Garrett Orseno

USA, Age 22

Mike Rogers

4th: Mike Rogers

USA, Age 52

Dan Rogers

5th: Dan Rogers

USA, Age: ?

Jeremiah Rogers

6th: Jeremiah Rogers

USA, Age: ?

BC aka BC

7th: BC aka BC

USA, Age 49

Ronnie Gordon

8th: Ronnie Gordon

USA, Age 42

Joshua Yoshi Neal

9th: Joshua Yoshi Neal

USA, Age 44

Tato Feliciano

10th: Tato Feliciano

USA, Age 44

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