Contest Results: <!-- -->Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2018 - Houston - Qualifiers

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Results: Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2018 - Houston - Qualifiers

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Nathan Pacheco

1st: Nathan Pacheco

USA, Age 18

Brett Heinis

2nd: Brett Heinis

USA, Age 21

Carter Wood

3rd: Carter Wood

USA, Age 19

Santino o Fernandez

4th: Santino o Fernandez

USA, Age 18

Jonathan Bastian

5th: Jonathan Bastian

USA, Age 24

Christian Abello

6th: Christian Abello

USA, Age 19

Eric Braun

7th: Eric Braun

USA, Age 25

Tate Malpass

8th: Tate Malpass

USA, Age 25

Chase Robbins

9th: Chase Robbins

USA, Age 27

Kyle Rich

10th: Kyle Rich

USA, Age: ?

Malcolm Dugar

11th: Malcolm Dugar

USA, Age 24

Daniel Rozenbers

12th: Daniel Rozenbers

USA, Age 18

John Hardeman

13th: John Hardeman

USA, Age 22

Dante Medina

14th: Dante Medina

USA, Age 23

Brandon West

15th: Brandon West

USA, Age 23

Jcorleone Richards

16th: Jcorleone Richards

USA, Age 12

Ben Stiskin

17th: Ben Stiskin

USA, Age 23

Tyler Kelly

18th: Tyler Kelly

USA, Age 26

Zack Gray

19th: Zack Gray

USA, Age 23

Jordan Miles

20th: Jordan Miles

USA, Age 24

Alex Olivarez

21st: Alex Olivarez

USA, Age 15

Jordan Roper

22nd: Jordan Roper

USA, Age 28

Brendan P Sanders

23rd: Brendan P Sanders

USA, Age 23

Ethan Manahan AKA Nugget

24th: Ethan Manahan AKA Nugget

USA, Age 13

David Gutierrez

25th: David Gutierrez

USA, Age 29

Nathan Jimenez

26th: Nathan Jimenez

USA, Age 25

Garrett Simich

27th: Garrett Simich

USA, Age 19

Francois Lister

28th: Francois Lister

USA, Age 23

Pedro Navarro

29th: Pedro Navarro

USA, Age 26

Joseph Chacon

30th: Joseph Chacon

USA, Age 22

Drew Kelly

31st: Drew Kelly

USA, Age 11

Drake Cooper

32nd: Drake Cooper

USA, Age 20

Murphy Ryan

33rd: Murphy Ryan

USA, Age 28

Quincy Cashaw

34th: Quincy Cashaw

USA, Age 17

Jason Bastian

35th: Jason Bastian

USA, Age 29

Derek Heinis

36th: Derek Heinis

USA, Age 23

Diego Duran Duran

37th: Diego Duran Duran

USA, Age 23

Damontre Henderson

38th: Damontre Henderson

USA, Age 22

Dylan Douthty

39th: Dylan Douthty

USA, Age 26

Qin'Savion Moose Ross

40th: Qin'Savion Moose Ross

USA, Age 24

Kyle Mendoza

41st: Kyle Mendoza

USA, Age 17

Carlos Torres

42nd: Carlos Torres

USA, Age 25

Omero Hernandez

43rd: Omero Hernandez

USA, Age 12

Dylan Phillips

44th: Dylan Phillips

USA, Age 6

Deion Whitaker

45th: Deion Whitaker

USA, Age 14

Drake Flores

46th: Drake Flores

USA, Age 24

Albert Darnell Darnell

47th: Albert Darnell Darnell

USA, Age 35

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