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Results: Harvest Jam 16 and Up

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Nick Christopher

1st: Nick Christopher

USA, Age 16

Aaronn Depaulis

2nd: Aaronn Depaulis

USA, Age 16

Liam Brocks

3rd: Liam Brocks

USA, Age 16

Jairus Hodges

4th: Jairus Hodges

USA, Age 22

Jake Yanko

5th: Jake Yanko

USA, Age 15

Marcellino Mendoza

6th: Marcellino Mendoza

USA, Age 17

Jeremy Benavente

7th: Jeremy Benavente

USA, Age: ?

Jason Huber

8th: Jason Huber

USA, Age 17

Dominique Jenkins

9th: Dominique Jenkins

USA, Age 23

Josias Moulton

10th: Josias Moulton

USA, Age 17

Freedom Charles

11th: Freedom Charles

USA, Age 20

Zay Sanchez

12th: Zay Sanchez

USA, Age: ?

Micah Gilbert

13th: Micah Gilbert

USA, Age 17

Jake Malick

14th: Jake Malick

Philippines, Age 16

Max Lee

15th: Max Lee

USA, Age 20

Alexander Sierra

16th: Alexander Sierra

USA, Age: ?

Laz Ordonez

17th: Laz Ordonez

USA, Age 21

Dylan Rodriguez

18th: Dylan Rodriguez

USA, Age 19

Mateus Barosso

19th: Mateus Barosso

Australia, Age: ?

Matt Cava

20th: Matt Cava

USA, Age 19

Stephen Hosmer

21st: Stephen Hosmer

USA, Age 21

Kareem Rampie

22nd: Kareem Rampie

USA, Age: ?

Julius Armstrong

23rd: Julius Armstrong

USA, Age 20

Steven Ortiz

24th: Steven Ortiz

Colombia, Age: ?

Daniel Arocho

25th: Daniel Arocho

USA, Age 25

Eric Essa

26th: Eric Essa

USA, Age 17

Shawn Smith

27th: Shawn Smith

USA, Age 19

Beau Haines

28th: Beau Haines

USA, Age 20

Aidan Daubert

29th: Aidan Daubert

USA, Age 16

Jordan Riddick

30th: Jordan Riddick

USA, Age 21

Jerrardo Sastre

31st: Jerrardo Sastre

USA, Age 20

Corey Gonzalez

32nd: Corey Gonzalez

USA, Age 29

Elijah Cameron

33rd: Elijah Cameron

USA, Age 16

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