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Lizzie Armanto

1st: Lizzie Armanto, $6,000

Finland, Age 21

Gaby Ponce

2nd: Gaby Ponce, $3,000

USA, Age 22

Amelia Brodka

3rd: Amelia Brodka, $2,500

Poland, Age 25

Allysha Le

4th: Allysha Le, $1,300

USA, Age 18

Julie Kindstrand

5th: Julie Kindstrand, $1,200

USA, Age 21

Arianna Carmona

6th: Arianna Carmona, $1,000

USA, Age 16

Nicole Hause

7th: Nicole Hause

USA, Age 17

Beverly Flood

8th: Beverly Flood

USA, Age 17

Franziska Stolz

9th: Franziska Stolz

Switzerland, Age: ?

Hunter Long

10th: Hunter Long

USA, Age 19

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