Contest Results: <!-- -->Damn Am Cascais Semi-Finals

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Results: Damn Am Cascais Semi-Finals

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Juan Carlos Aliste

1st: Juan Carlos Aliste

Chile, Age 21

Diego Cano

2nd: Diego Cano

Spain, Age 24

Jorge Simoes

3rd: Jorge Simoes

Portugal, Age 19

Nassim Guammaz

4th: Nassim Guammaz

Netherlands, Age 20

Hermann Stene

5th: Hermann Stene

Norway, Age 21

Vincent Milou

6th: Vincent Milou

France, Age 17

Lehi Leite

7th: Lehi Leite

Brazil, Age 25

Tim Zom

8th: Tim Zom

Netherlands, Age 26

Tiago Lopes

9th: Tiago Lopes

Portugal, Age 15

Bruno Senra

10th: Bruno Senra

Portugal, Age 17

Anthony Anaya

11th: Anthony Anaya

USA, Age 18

Jake Miller

12th: Jake Miller

USA, Age 21

Joao Allen

13th: Joao Allen

Portugal, Age: ?

Julian Kimura

14th: Julian Kimura

Japan, Age 16

George Poole

15th: George Poole

United Kingdom, Age 17

Pedro Roseiro

16th: Pedro Roseiro

Portugal, Age 24

Matt Debauche

17th: Matt Debauche

France, Age: ?

Oyvind Svensen

18th: Oyvind Svensen

Norway, Age 17

Christian Elizondo

19th: Christian Elizondo

Chile, Age 23

Gustavo Ribeiro

20th: Gustavo Ribeiro

Portugal, Age 13

Afonso Nery

21st: Afonso Nery

Portugal, Age 17

Omar Parraga

22nd: Omar Parraga

Mexico, Age 22

Robbin de Wit

23rd: Robbin de Wit

Netherlands, Age 23

Xan Beheran

24th: Xan Beheran

France, Age: ?

Michael Sommer

25th: Michael Sommer

Norway, Age 25

Shajen Willems

26th: Shajen Willems

Netherlands, Age 25

Chris Khan

27th: Chris Khan

Slovenia, Age 17

Eniz Fazliov

28th: Eniz Fazliov

Finland, Age 26

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