adidas Skate Copa at Copenhagen Final Bracket Round Results

7 years ago on September 5th, 2015

3 Countries Represented in this Event

Skateboarders from Norway
4 from NOR
Skateboarders from Denmark
3 from DEN
Skateboarders from USA
1 from USA
Global Rank Points
3,000 Street
8 Riders
5 Regular, 62.50%
2 Goofy, 25.00%

Results by Team

1: Team Circus Circus
Team Circus Circus
2: Team Oslo Skate Shop
Team Oslo Skate Shop

Results by Rider

About adidas Skate Copa

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adidas Skate Copa is an international series of shop vs shop contests created, managed, and run by The Boardr for adidas Skateboarding. adidas stopped the series after the 2015 season. We hope for the return of it soon.